5/27 Kilauea Volcano: BODY OF A GODDESS

lava flows

This spring is different. A cloak of vog from Kilauea Volcano blocks out the sun for half the day, even 100 miles away from the bubbling caldera. We taste ash on our tongues and the eyes sting with gases and dust particles. But the annoyance of ash is mild compared to our neighbors in Puna. Some are living in cars, tents, and under trees, coughing and wheezing as they shelter as much as possible from more

5/7 Kilauea Eruption | Stephen Hawking | Yoga

USGS Volcano fierworks behind trees

Helping Volcano Refugees | Quantum Creativity | Brave New View Vol. 13, #11 | May 7, 2018 VOLCANO VALUES Living on Hawaii Island has its rare delights, and also its dangerous threats. Fiery fissures open up in roadways and families are forced to flee ahead of Kilauea Volcano’s recent eruption. My heart reaches out to those affected, students and friends and neighborhoods. Ninety miles from the crater, I was shaken during Friday’s 6.9 quake, the more

4/22 Wiliwili Tree Decree

hawaii wiliwili

RAISING SPIRITS, GUIDING PRANA, AND PROTECTING WILIWILI TREES If you are one of the resilient souls rising before dawn to chant with the rising sun and raise your arms, knees, and hearts for the higher frequencies of Soul, you realize how Yoga wakes us up to the little things that create larger patterns, one’s larger life. We feel how a smile works on the face and track the way that Prana moves through the body, more

3/14 The 3 Kriyas of Patanjali | Yoga Solutions to the Problems of Life

8 Chakra image

In his Yoga Sutras, written almost 2000 years ago in India, the great sage Maharishi Patanjali laid out a map for living a life of happiness, helpfulness, and growth of the Soul. Encountering the Sutras in my search for joy, meaning, and Soul growth in my early 20s and 30s, I spent the better part of two decades traveling through India, Indonesia, and America to hear wisdom from the lips of many great masters. Wanting more

2/26 Guns, Peace, & Preventive Medicine in the Kali Yuga

peaceful culture we are all in this together

“Be who you are. Be where you are. Feel your body and breathe into your best self. Now, send loving kindness to all those in need,” I said quietly. I needed to re-ground myself in what is real. The tendency in stressful times is to shut down and feel less, when in fact, we need to feel more! I had just received the news of another school shooting, Parkland, Florida. My heart, sinking with anguish more

1/28 Clarity and Contentment | Saucha and Santosha

white lotus

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Birth, growth, diminishing, death. The cycles of life turn, and we transform with them. When we are aware of the Earth’s processes and see ourselves as parts of a whole, we learn to let go of the need to control life and others for our personal benefit. We realize that yoga as a path to empowerment comes from deep awareness of the cycles of change. The unnatural and false patterns more

1/7 This Sacred Life: The Yamas

Tree pose at sunset

Whether you find an event blessed or not, there is inherently some blessing inside both a child’s smile and a criminal’s cover-up. Changing our eyes is more potent than changing events, for how we see a thing, a moment, a chance occurrence, will ultimately color its effects. Our beliefs hold the key to making our lives exceptional, and that begins with looking at not only what we are seeing, but how we are seeing, and more

12/24 Yoga with Hawaiian Perspectives: A New Twist on an Ancient Art & Science

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KONA, HI – New 2-Credit Course at Hawaii Island Community College at Palamanui Hawaii Community College is offering a new angle on ancient yoga methods for a college course at Palamanui in the new year. The interdisciplinary set of classes will energize students with a full-body workout in each class, but also explore Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Rim (HAP) perspectives on the classical bodymind practices. Yoga practices that enhance strength, flexibility, and concentration can be more

12/6 Thai Yogassage: Awaken Your Body Wisdom

yogassage photo duet

How do you grow wisdom and joy? Join us for the Thai Yogassage Seminar on Dec. 16, 2017. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic bodywork technique which was developed more than 2,500 years ago by Jivaka Komarabhacca, a friend and physician to the Sangha of the Buddha. When Buddhist monks and nuns migrated from India to Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and Thailand, they brought this bodywork knowledge with them and Jivaka became renowned more

11/22 Happy Accidents, the Yoga of Painting, & Jean-Baptiste

image jean baptists water shimmering

Aloha, Noble Friends! With Thanksgiving near, I am thankful for you, my cyber-circle of friends, readers, clients, students, artists, dancers, humanitarians, teachers, and creatures. What else am I grateful for? Happy accidents. There have been so many happy accidents this past year that I hesitate to call them accidents. Miracles is more accurate. Joyful surprises require patient watching and listening with what Rumi called, “the third ear,” the ear of the heart. That kind of more
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