And the Energy Shifted

Hina goddess of moon

In the ocean of generosity, the world is for the great untying, the unwinding of knots that bound us at birth and finally unfurl at dying.

Here, all the bullets flow back into guns, all guns melt down with hate, spite, bitterness, and greed in the wisdom fires of pure energy.

Here, by the streams leading to the gentle ocean, that energy reappears as inspired Seeing and everyone dreams awake the new time.

Here, we lift up those who have fallen by saying how it finally changed: As the old haters finished up in the prisons of their heart ruins, only inches from the treasure, everyone lifted their bowls of light to dispel the unholy shadows. The haters saw the light, touched the treasure, and their great burden dissolved in the salty waters. Everyone’s heart broke wide open and the energy shifted.

And so it is.

Painting: The Hawaiian Goddess Hina is the protector of water magic, the moon, and feminine nourishment and charm. Artist Unknown.

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