Illuminating Joy | Summer Body Wisdom Yoga Series

Chakras and flower of life

KUNDALINI, YOGA, AND BALANCING YOUR MANY CHAKRAS – Mondays, July 2 – August 14, 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Your body is already perfect, and yet Kundalini, the Subtle Bodies, and Hatha Yoga practices of asana and pranayama can both empower and enlighten your journey to recharge, rejuvenate, and reimagine yourself from the inside out.

Ancient yoga masters imagined the central channel of the body, the Sushumna, as a brilliant thread, strung with seven lotuses. As each of these flowers is opened by rising Kundalini, there is a spiritual awakening at each level, culminating in bliss, a superconscious state of being.

We are evolving all the time, and so our methods of staying healthy, awake, creative, and wise change to keep pace. Yet the indigenous practices of Yoga remain one of the most sustainable systems for mindful living, with roots that go back 100,000 years to the caves and hills of India. Together with Shamanism and Indigenous Rituals, Yoga is one of the most vital therapeutic systems of health and awakening that has ever existed.

Why? Yoga invites us to gain mastery over the opening and closing of seven flower-like nerve plexuses centered from head to tail in a stack along the spine. Through the vagus nerve and endocrine glands associated with the seven chakras— the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, testes and ovaries, and adrenal glands — we engage higher brain functions.

Psychologically, each chakra enhances or detracts from qualities of security, sensuality, power, love, expression, vision, and divine grace. Energetically, the chakras activate specific blueprints and subtle energies which operate at the causal level of our being.

By engaging the somatic, auditory and visual perceptions, we step into new dimensions. What what opens up in front of us may be tremendously new, and different, and so we must be quiet enough to listen for our inner voice, the inner guru, and brave enough to step out of our cocoon into new light of the present moment.

Yoga is a science and an art. In the seven-week series, we will draw on modern neuroscience, anatomy and physiology to enhance yoga asana, pranayama, chanting, and medication practices to feed the left brain with nutrients of information and knowledge. We’ll also nourish the right brain, the playful side, the dance-making, fun-loving, colorful, creative side.

Why should you learn how to Illuminate Joy through asana and pranayama? Why is it important to know how breathwork and visualization affect the chakras?

It’s because getting more familiar with the sacred geometry of the body through your mind and breath can help you to:

· Strengthen and deepen your asana practice
· Energize, calm, or cool yourself
· Clarify and sharpen your mind
· Cultivate a greater sense of balance and happiness in your daily life
· Reduce stress and tension

Life happens so automatically that we might forget how we’re breathing, what we’re thinking, how we’re doing what we’re doing. The truth is, until you develop a conscious connection to your breath, body, and spirit, you are missing out on a more engaging, enchanted life and a more complete ability to live the life you were meant to live.

Deepen your roots. Spread your wings. Refresh your yoga practice. Series begins Monday, July 2 and runs through August 14. The fee for the entire series is $135. Drop-ins are welcome at $20/class.

Call 808-345-0050 for more detail.

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