Native Hawaiian kupuna lined up in protest


The desecration of our biosphere has sparked a rip-roaring, thundering, hurricane-swirling, flooding, fire-starting, hot, cold, careless, climate crisis. This is at the heart of the issues which disturb the peace of many Native Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian protectors — known as kia’i, caretakers, watchmen, guardians of the peace – who are defending Maunakea.

From its base on the ocean floor to its summit above the clouds, Maunakea measures more than 32,000 feet ― making it technically the highest mountain in the world. At the sacred summit, it’s the calm above the clouds, the spot where sunlight first touches the Earth and gives the spark of life to each new day. A profoundly symbolic place, Maunakea is a temple in the Hawaiian Religion.

To desecrate such a place is to pierce the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with a knife. To develop an 18-story telescope to peer into space ― with hopes of revealing the origins of life itself, is not what the Hawaiian protectors oppose. They are protecting their Hawaiian culture which is under constant attack and the religious freedoms to practice ceremonies and maintain their temples.

“We’re not against TMT. We’re not against them building it. What we’re against is them building it in this particular area, on this particular mountain,” said activist Kaho’okahi Kanuha, during a 2015 protest. “It should go to a place where the people of that place want it.”

Yet many people on Hawai’i want the telescope. They want jobs, technology, and higher education. That’s still not the issue. Where it’s being done and how the process has disrespected Hawaiians reflects a broader sense of displacement going back to the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893.

You may be thinking, what’s past is past. But, as William Faulkner wrote in Requiem for a Nun, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

In an op-ed for Honolulu Civil Beat, columnist Trisha Kehaulani Watson—who also serves on the board of directors for Āina Momona, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring Hawaiian sovereignty—considered opposition to the TMT alongside Kaho’olawe, an island used for decades as a US military training ground and bombing range. Now the subject of remediation and restoration efforts, it is one of many oppressive actions taken by the US and others who violated their civil and human rights. The astronomers and scientists are not responsible for these past actions.

Opposition to the TMT, wrote Watson, “has nothing to do with a telescope. It has everything to do with the enduring battle over Hawaii’s future. The continued destruction of land and natural resources is short-sighted and fundamentally detrimental to the future generations who will one day live in these islands. The pattern of land mismanagement and natural resource abuse that the Thirty Meter Telescope represents should concern everyone, because it is not isolated to Mauna Kea.”

They were told back in the 1960s there would be three telescopes. There are now 13 telescopes on the summit. The TMT would be the 14th and the largest.

There was Hawaiian opposition from the start. Like many Indigenous people who suffered under the broad bludgeon of colonialism in the 19th century, they have lost a lot. They are living through the consequences of forced displacement, distress, and the challenge of communicating their holistic worldview to an uncomprehending Western Industrial mindset.


The conflict arises from two very different ways of knowing and being in the world. For many Native Hawaiians and other Indigenous communities, sacredness is in the air we breathe, in the curve of a mountain like a mother’s breast, and in a reverence for Nature that has sustained them for generations.

In this worldview, the 13,796-ft. peak mountain peak is a marriage between two divine progenitors, their ancestors. Wākea, the Sky father, weds Papahānaumoku, the Earth mother. Wākea means expansive space, zenith, or heaven and Papa means foundation or surface; together, they create a symbol of land and sky or heaven. Maunakea, as written in Hawaiian, is also home to the deity Kū, the spark of life that ignites the first light touching the sacred peak at sunrise.

It does not mean “white mountain.” That was a colonial construct. Maunakea
It is short for Mauna o Wakea, the mountain of the Hawaiian deity Wākea, where the two become one. It is the most sacred—if not the most sacred—spot in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Its rugged peak, covered in small cinder cones or puʻu, is the home to deities,
Papa and Wakea. To connect with Nature in Hawai’i is to enter a Church, and special places with great mana – the life force – are selected as special for a type of Holy Communion. It is not merely a concept or label. It is a felt sense of oneness and connectedness with the natural and spiritual worlds.

“It is as common sense as believing in gravity,” writes Doug Herman. “This experience is very much at odds with the everyday secular-humanist approach of Western thinking that emerged out of the Enlightenment, which sees no ‘magic’ or ‘enchantment’ in the world.”

Seeing nature as an inert, passive object facilitates both commercial exploitation and scientific exploration, but at its worst it feeds attachment disorders, disorganized thinking, and the lack of empathy that makes the atrocities of war, violence, and enslavement possible.

Native rights have been trammeled for years, and ongoing inequities insist on being addressed. Mauna Kea and the conflict over the TMT is about far more than a telescope. It is about consciousness, and about our perception of and relationship to the Earth.

Loving the World asks us to remember who we are, sensitive, generous, gentle beings. Remembering that facet of ourselves will help to reverse disorganized patterns of behavior that have resulted in most of the world’s leaders making poor decisions. Generations of unconscious violence have led to traumatized people and this inheritance is what we are now being called to reveal, heal, and draw on its lessons to spawn a new golden age for our planet.


A nation in continual war feeds on itself by reinforcing the hypervigilance of trauma survivors. Repression of honest suffering prevents any real healing from occurring, setting the stage for more trauma. Hurt people hurt other people.

By repressing authentic pain, we also avoid becoming conscious of its causes and lessons. Many would rather avoid the pain of the truth, not knowing that the pain of living outside the truth is far worse. People who live in the belly of the Big Lie continue to suffer and inflict pain, violence, and war on others.

Healing from the traumas that war inflicts sets the stage for waves of creativity to stream through us and gives us the vision, energy, and tools we need to dismantle the war-making system.


You can see such arts and tools arising on Maunakea. Ku Kia’a Mauna are Guardians of the Mountain. They practice morning sunrise rituals, mediations, and chants, use Ho’oponopono to heal social fractures and relationships, and dance Hula to magical music that mirrors the pure joy of the sun.

In Hawaiian, a Kia’i is a defender or protector, one who has the kuleana or responsibility to protect and preserve someone or something. “E ho’olohe pono i na kia’i” translates as “Listen well to the guardians”.

In ancient Hawai’i, kia’i helped to maintain balance and order in the areas of their protection. In traditional stories, kia’i lived in both material and spiritual worlds.

On Mauna Kea, Mo’oinanea, the matriarch of all mo ‘o – gecko – spirits, is the guardian of Lake Waiau. Lilinoe, a goddess of the mists and younger sister of the more famous Poli’ahu, also protects Maunakea.

The thousands of people who have joined in defending Maunakea are devoted kia’i, striving to protect our beautiful Earth. Listen well to the guardians! E ho’olohe pono i na kia’i”

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.
~Alexander Solzhenitsyn


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“Peace is constructed, not fought for.”
- Brent Davis


A new client, Toni C., called me from New York City, NY for a Quantum Healing session recently, I felt honored, as I always do with people who are willing collaborate from their own heights and depths in this spiritual detective work of revealing and amplifying their true essence.

She had a remarkable transformation and wrote me an exuberant letter. When you feel you have discovered a unique way to support people through suffering, change, and planting the seeds of happiness, you want to reach out and share it with everyone who suffers. But you don’t. I don’t anyway. Or I do with resistance. I don’t want to be rude. Still, when a person’s life can move from paralyzing pain to vitalizing and wholehearted joy in life — often in just a few minutes –that’s not rude. That’s keeping people in the dark when most, really, want to stand in the light.

If you are unsure what Quantum Healing is, she sums it up beautifully. BECAUSE she and I both want you to know there is hope, your suffering can stop, and you can regain the pleasure in life you deserve, here goes:

“Marya is an enlightened and inspirational being! Her spiritual gifts and divine knowledge are unparalleled! I had the pleasure of speaking with Marya for a one on one healing session to help me overcome a past trauma that caused consistent PTSD in my day to day life. The process was both fast and effective!

I found her methodology of healing through the Quantum Field to be most helpful. Using a technique that Marya invented, where she has you recall your future memories, I was able to erase and reprogram the old mental pictures, and emotions associated with the traumatic event and replace it with a healthy and empowered vision of my future self. Truly genius!

Each day I use the meditation she personally created for me to reinforce this powerful subliminal mind message. I am happy to report that little by little I am drawing my happy future reality to me with much success!

I highly recommend working with this compassionate and wise soul, to better your life in every capacity!

Many Blessings,
Toni C.

Mahalo nui loa for your kind words, Toni! By helping others know there is a next step which can be the last step they ever need to heal from chronic anxiety and PTSD, you have made the world healthier and happier. I am deeply grateful!

“This is one country. It has become one country because all of us and all the people who came here had an equal chance to develop their talents. We cannot say to ten percent of the population that you can’t have that right; that your children cannot have the chance to develop whatever talents they have; that the only way that they are going to get their rights is to go in the street and demonstrate. I think we owe them, and we owe ourselves a better country than that.” — JFK in his “Civil Rights Address”

Until next time, may the love and light of the world shine brighter because of you!


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