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If you are one of the resilient souls rising before dawn to chant with the rising sun and raise your arms, knees, and hearts for the higher frequencies of Soul, you realize how Yoga wakes us up to the little things that create larger patterns, one’s larger life.

We feel how a smile works on the face and track the way that Prana moves through the body, how all our sensations are vibrations of the ocean of love, and how they connect us with every other sentient process on the planet. Yoga teaches us to see ourselves in other beings, animals and people. It gives us a joy because we love what we see, and a sense of humor because we don’t always like what we see!

Those who are participating in our four-month exploration of Yoga with Hawaiian Perspectives at Palamanui, are showing true colors in rising before dawn to trek from as far away as Hilo, Hawi, and Kealakekua to make the moments count. At the Spirit Tent in the center of this most amazing and beautiful campus, our evolutionary quest for the common roots of ancient cultures has yielded a happy harvest. Bringing what unifies to light and casting aside what is false, we marvel at the discoveries, the remembrances, the healings and decrees which have arisen as boldly as the Easter sun.

The atoms in our cells and talents in our limbs percolate and bring forth a truth that will never forsake us. When you have seen this truth, it truly does set you free.

What will you do with such freedom? For it is a responsibility as well.

At Palamanui, trailblazers and pioneers are bringing vigor and values together to give and receive powerful education in our communities. Among the values is the preservation of Nature, especially a recently discovered forest of Wiliwili trees (Erythrina sandwicensis) near the campus. Once common in the Hawaiian Islands, the dry lands on which the endemic flowering wiliwili trees thrived became degraded over time by ungulates — hooved animals such as goats, pigs, and cattle — invasive plants, fire, gall wasps, and dumping.

Now, this special stand of fifty- to one-hundred-year-old Wiliwili trees is in need of protection. Unfortunately, without fencing, wild goats have become a major source of distress and death for these deciduous trees that can grow up to 40 feet tall and dazzle us with their light green leaves, reddish-tan bark, and creamy green and orange-colored flowers.

While the search for funding to build a protective fence is ongoing, I have written a decree to aid the Great Spirit of the Goat in finding a way to be peaceful on the hills above Palamanui. This kind of writing is more like taking dictation from the Oversoul than actually composing something; the important point is that we can all do something, right now, to help the Wiliwili, by reading, feeling, and seeing health and wholeness in our mountain friends!

By aiming our intentions on Soul Retrieval for the Goat and Wiliwili on the Mountain, our sacred dreaming has power.


We call on thee, Great Spirit of the Goat!
Horned one, intelligent being, keeper of the heights.

Deep peace of the running waves to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the Sun of Peace to you.

You who love to climb, nimble and brisk, to rub, to eat, to nuzzle. On this sacred mountain, Goat Spirit, you are hugging your sibling, the Wiliwili tree, to death! You who are so sensual, hard-nosed, intuitive, and wise, you are so loving and playful that you are hurting the grove of Wiliwili trees on the slopes of Hualalai above Palamanui. So please, come to your deeper senses.

Great Spirit of the Goat, see how your love is manifesting, how you treat your sister, the Wiliwili tree. She who during summer wears brilliant orange flowers like laughing hands in mango, emerald, and yellow petals. You are her brother and can protect her.

Goat and Wiliwili, siblings on the mountain, colorful and wonderful each in your own way, be at peace. Let go of past conflicts. Be the waves of peace flowing in an eternity of beauty. Let the fires from heaven embrace you.

We affirm, Great Spirit of the Goat, Great Spirit of the Wiliwili Tree, you are beloved.

All sentient beings are beloved, but Great Spirit of the Goat, you may have been offended when warring nations and misinformed people sacrificed goats to the goddess Artemis. How can we enjoy the great happiness and the roots of happiness if we humans harbor shame for our ancestors who slaughtered your ancestors senselessly? Can we be beloved and free from suffering if our brothers and sisters are not free from suffering?

Great Spirit of the Goat, spirit familiar of Artemis, you who were so worthy, that men sacrificed your very flesh to gain the favorable attention of the goddess of war, strength, and stamina, can you also be big enough to forgive humans for unskillful behaviors from the past?

We ask that you transcend the human world of strife, false understanding, and prejudice, and help to rebalance the world.

Let the Wiliwili tree, our family, our friends, unfold as they should. Let her branches dance on the lava plains. Let this beloved tree keep growing, rooting, dancing, and flowering for the good of all.

Goddess Pele, fierce with compassion, inspire the centers of the Wiliwili tree trunks and limbs with powerful shielding energies.

We are dream-carriers, hovering protectively as a unified energetic dome of rainbow-colored light around the forest of Wiliwili.

We envision the coming autumn, as Wiliwili flowers give way to curled seedpods that burst to reveal deep red and scarlet seeds, for farmers to nurture and lei—makers to gather. Let this adornment of our world continue to beautify and satisfy our higher nature.

We stand with you, Great Spirit of the Goat, in preserving this sacred forest, and we will remember to thank you, to honor your restraint, your mountain goat yoga, your sharing space graciously with the Wiliwili trees.

Soul of the Goat, we call on you, to remember you are a protector, not a predator. You are the spiritual emblem of perseverance and pluck. Your bravery and Wiliwili’s friendship give you, together, Goat and Wiliwili Tree Spirits, a powerful partnership that shows what enlightened sharing can be.

You, Great Spirit of the Goat, can do it. Heal your wounds. Sustain the eco-world we inhabit with the sweetness of your forgiveness, as a protective god, not a pushy one. Let grace win.

You, Wiliwili Tree, with your buoyant arms and chartreuse flowers, stay strong in the power of your light,

We are one with the web forever. Oh se dah. It is good.

Realized by Marya 3/17/2018

Please help by envisioning this. Contact me if you’d like to comment or contribute to building the protective fence. I’ll direct you to the right place.

Let’s move some positive energy this Earth Day!


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