Thursday, 12th May – Day 1
Arrive in Maui, the island of the Goddess, in the morning; travel the picturesque winding road to Hana, with its countless waterfalls and mountain scenery. Stay in cottages by the ocean. Shared Group dinner; Welcome Guidance Session.

Friday 13th May – Day 2
Relaxing and enjoying Hana, its beautiful beaches; visit black crystal sand beach. Sacred Dances and Partner Yoga. Shared Group dinner.

Saturday 14th May – Day 3
Baptism Ceremony at 7 Pools of O’hea, welcoming the new you that is emerging: celebrating the new journey begun, stepping into your next space of Being. Afternoon/ evening at Leisure.

Sunday, 15th May – Day 4
Move to Haleakala and upcountry accommodation; exploring the area; Group Dinner, Guidance Session.

Monday, 16th May – Day 5
Walk on Sliding Sands Trail in the Heart of the Haleakala crater. Meditate at 9,000 feet to receive a special gift. Group Dinner.

Tuesday, 17th May – Day 6
Dawn on Haleakala. Meditation and Ceremony to connect to and enhance your ancestral lineages and offer healing to individuals and Mother Earth. Afternoon at leisure; Group dinner; sharing of experiences and messages.

Wednesday, 18th May – Day 7
Morning at leisure; move to the historic town of Lahaina on West Maui in the afternoon; rest of evening at leisure.

Thursday, 19th May – Day 8
Snorkelling & Dolphin Watch Tour – optional. Float in the peaceful and tranquil waters as if you were inside a beautiful aquarium of Love, in this magical experience; connecting to our Sirius/Dolphin brethren. Rest of day/evening at leisure; shopping for treasures.

Friday, 20th May – Day 9
Day trip to Molokai, mystical isle of ancient Hawaii with its spectacular scenery and sacred places. Final Group Dinner; Guidance Session.

Saturday, 21st May – Day 10
Closing Ceremony in the morning; end of tour.

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