Evolutionary Yoga Flow at Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary

Fri, Oct 25, 2019 , Captain Cook HI

FRIDAYS, 9:30 – 11 AM BEGINNING FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 PALEAKU GARDENS PEACE SANCTUARY WHAT: Total Body Stretch – Energizing – Cleansing —Meditative WHERE: 83-5401 Painted Church Road HOW: $15-20 or Class Card
The human body is a marvel of moving medicine. Like a flowing stream, we need constant renewal to strengthen and nourish our evolving bodies, calm the overworked mind, and invigorate our essence. Evolutionary Yoga movements speak to all facets of our human condition: like a cleansing waterfall, they move old stuck energy out; they invite the refreshment of spirit in; they spark fluid movement that ignite new neural pathways and a species-inclusive intelligence; and they offer a gradual path to knowing our true identity, achieving empowerment, and sustaining resilience, health, commitment, and happiness.
I love Evolutionary Yoga because I know it relieves my own and others’ suffering and generates more positive and life-giving energy. Together, we are expanding the circle of peace, loving-kindness, and creativity. Moving meditations can solve many of the world’s problems by helping to heal the human body and psyche. One breath at a time.
THE VENUE: I can’t say enough good about Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary. The more time I spend there, the more admiring I am of the vision and care that has made this space a walkable masterpiece. The natural spirit of the landscape has been elevated in multi-cultural shrines and sitting areas in such an artistic and generous way that you feel rejuvenating simply by being there. Please Check it out:
I would be thrilled for you to join us for GENTLE YOGA for Everybody
FRIDAYS, 9:30—11 AM
Peace Sanctuary
83-5401 Painted Church Road
$15-20 or Class Card

Event Location

Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary
83-5401 Painted Church Road
Captain Cook, HI 96704

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