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Give your Group the Quantum Edge!

PEAK ENERGY ALIGNMENT offers personal and professional tools to enhance & transform every facet of your endeavor or business. The “Quantum Edge” depends on Wellness, Relationships, & Intelligent Design.

You can learn quickly and easily in these seminars & services:

Stress Management
Diversity and Inclusion
Effective Communication
Motivation and Empowerment
Team Building
Exceptional Leadership
Peak Sales Performance
The Power of Play

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It’s been revolutionary in my life. It helps me be more spontaneous in life, expanding my neurology so I’m aligning the unconscious and conscious mind and using more of my capacities. After working with Marya, I’m exploring and pulling up a broader array of resources that usually aren’t accessible. I’m using it with my kids, in business, in my personal life. The combination of contemplative work, theater improvisation, and connecting deeply to my body and the quantum field opens me up so I’m able to hear and see more. It’s just revolutionary.” — Ray Rappold, Company President and Real Estate Developer Santa Rosa, CA

Peak Energy Alignment is a proven method for achieving peak performance!

Question: Have you ever wondered why the workshops and seminars you’ve attended on stress management, diversity, communications, sales and leadership were dazzling when you were in them but later on, the skills, motivation, and methods learned give way to the same old business as usual?

In today’s world it is not unusual to find businesses with culturally blended teams of workers, managers, and clients, doing their best to be productive, while cultural myths, hidden bargains, and subconscious beliefs block the full realization of their potentials.

Training everyone in an organization to appreciate, embrace, and encourage differences, while learning to create positive, coherent fields for group action and interaction, gives your powerful endeavor the clear focus and integrity needed to accomplish all your goals.

We concentrate on three major areas within an organization to help them reach their goals. Truth, Goodness, and Beauty form the classical triangle that produces ideal forms for Intelligent Quantum Design.


Is it a Healthy Workplace? Do people enjoy their work? How can you make it more enjoyable? What is the bottom line? What are the corporate core values? How do we encourage optimal wellness, energy, focus, and creativity in everyone?

We ensure all programs are tailored through a working partnership with our clients to ensure that they meet the specific needs of their organization. Our trainers will deliver a program for your organization that gets results while you’re getting the education you want.


Is there an appreciation of diversity? Is your corporation a “partnership culture” or a “domination” culture? Are gender, cultural, generational, and personal thinking styles, physical abilities, and unique contributions to the whole considered significant threads in the web of understanding, values, and services or products you offer?

We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere within our trainings for all those who attend so they can feel the power of coherence when diversity and inclusion are fostered in the total team effort.


Can you envision the highest and best outcome of your corporate efforts? How do you want to grow? Have you or others placed limits on yourself or your company and how you’d like to grow?

Even well-trained, motivated and committed individuals can subconsciously sabotage themselves, because their subconscious minds harbor beliefs that are contrary to success. It’s almost impossible to identify some of our most unconscious drives from the level of the conscious mind, and even more difficult without the aid of colleagues, family, and friends.

If you’ve attended stress management, positive thinking, or motivational seminars or trainings, you know that real improvements come when our new wisdom becomes the path of least resistance, when we learn things “by heart.”

In these NOW CREATE YOUR FATE Seminars, Marya shares how to live, work, and play WITHOUT the underlying beliefs and attitudes that sabotage peak performance.

what a miracle it can be!

“According to the latest scientific understanding of the mind,” writes Dr. Rob Williams, celebrated developer of the revolutionary method PSYCH-K, “most neuroscientists agree that at least 95% of thought, emotion, and learning occurs at the subconscious level of the mind – that is, without our conscious awareness. That means that at least 95% of our “choices” and resulting behaviors aren’t conscious!”

When we change preprogrammed responses from biographical experiences that are often outdated and self-sabotaging, we start to live in a brave new world of infinite choice, prosperity, and creativity. “Conscious decisions and actions are mostly an illusion,” writes Dr. Williams, until the clearing, compassion, and creativity of practicing universal principles, applied in direct terms to your situation, brings the Manifesting Intention to life. We are strengthened and blessed by proactive thought, which dissolves the crisis-ridden struggle that some businesses have become. Be on the edge. Get the quantum edge!

Many training programs fail in the implementation stage because individuals have self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent them from behaving in ways that support the intention and training they have received to carry out specific goals. By aligning subconscious beliefs and perceptions with your conscious goals and objectives, success becomes a fate you easily create. Now!

you and your organization deserve success

This important fact is now recognized by business visionaries. By understanding the effect of the subconscious mind on performance, you can learn to update your decision-making process and learn the skills you need to refine old corporate myths by reprogramming the subconscious mind your current vision, wisdom and performance potential.

Click here for more information about the differences between the conscious and subconscious mind. The two parts of you mind are profoundly different. Understanding these differences can dramatically affect personal and professional performance.

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