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Interview by Dr. Marya Mann & Reverend Pomaika`i Coulon
March 18, 2008 on the Big Island of Hawai`i

When Diane Harmony entered the Loom of Love Studio, she looked less like a minister and more like one of the ageless dolphin swimmers, scuba masters, or ship’s captains who work in the sun-drenched waters around Hawaii. Tan, fit, and agile, Reverend Diane emanated the kind of peace of mind that makes everyone around her feel at ease.

It wasn’t always so, as you’ll hear in this interview. Not so long ago, this author, teacher, teleseminar pioneer, and sought-after spiritual counselor didn’t know how she was going to eat or pay rent. That’s what makes her story so fascinating.

Today, she is the author of a widely celebrated book, 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life: Creating a Consciousness of Wealth. Besides serving the United Church of Religious Science as a Minister and former Ecclesiastical Representative, Rev. Diane is the founder and CEO of 5 GIFTS for an Abundant Life Ministry, whose mission is, “To create an awareness within every individual that we are the abundant love of God, the Love-Intelligence in all life.”

Rev. Diane has referred to her work a “ministry without walls” because it has included leading retreats in Hawaii, climbing and meditating at Power Spots in Sedona, Arizona, and practicing yoga while exploring the power of spiritual community in Costa Rica.

Reverend Pomaika’i Coulon, President of the Board of the New Thought Center of Hawaii, another Science of Mind center on the Big Island, joined us in a conversation that ranged from the business of modern spiritual teaching to politics, ho’oponopono, and building bridges between the apparently separate, but in truth unified, material and spiritual worlds.

Though Rev. Diane had just decided to move to Hawaii when we conducted this interview, she already radiated the quality of aliveness, sweetness, and kindness which is known in the islands as Aloha! Since this talk, she has begun a new chapter of her work as Spiritual Leader at the Aloha Center for Spiritual Living in Kailua Kona on the Big Island.

Reverend Diane’s book, 5 Gifts, which affirms universal principles of Gratitude, Intention, Forgiveness, Tithing & Surrender is available now at

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Marya: I’m so excited about your 5 Gifts book, especially about the diversity that I see in it. It’s a vision, it’s a book, it’s a telecourse, it’s an organization, it’s a school, it’s a process, it’s a teaching, and it’s a philosophy dedicated to discovering the awakening humanity to our divine nature. How do you do that? How do you awaken humanity to our infinite nature?

Diane: The principles we teach through the course and the book are really the ways in which we can learn how to release that infinite nature that is already within us. We don’t learn that, we allow it. There’s a big distinction. We start from the premise that we already are the infinite abundance of God and our job is to release it, to let it out, if you will, and we do that through giving. That’s how the 5 Gifts came to be and why we use the word “gifts.” It’s an acronym for the five spiritual principles that we teach, which is really a very major teaching. I came from the advertising and marketing world, and so it was important for me to package these in something that was very memorable.

So Gifts is an acronym for the five principles. “G” is for Gratitude. “I” is for Intentions, both setting and manifesting them. “F” is for Forgiveness of self and others. “T” is for Tithing. And “S” is for Surrender.

Marya: Was there an experience in your life that you felt was an “aha” moment where you just knew that these gifts were something that you needed to share with the world? What was the transformation that you went through to know this?

Diane: Well, I describe it in my book. It was an awakening moment on the eve of my daughter’s wedding, several years ago, where I was an invited guest as the bride’s mother and not the officiating minister. I chose not to be. I wanted to be the mother of the bride. It was a very difficult time for me because financially I was flat broke. I had no money at all. So I arrived at this lovely hotel with all of my family members and all of Shannon’s husband-to-be family members and all of the guests and no money to pay for my hotel room, no money to pay for my food. To say nothing of wanting to buy them a very lovely wedding gift and not having money for that either. So the night before the wedding I was in true despair. I was weeping and crying and gnashing my teeth. I was at my wits end and, in the middle of one of the sobs, I heard this voice, which talks to me every now and then if I listen, and it said, “What are you grateful for right now? What are you grateful for RIGHT NOW?”

It scared me a little, actually, and so I stopped for a moment and through the sniffles I said to myself, “I think I’m grateful for breathing, but I’m not sure.” And so it prompted me again and said, “And what else are you grateful for?”

So I started to enumerate and list the things I was grateful for, including my daughter who was going to be THE most beautiful of brides, and my son-in-law to be and all of my family members and all of the celebration of love that we were experiencing. And as I kept that list going my heart started to lighten up and at the end, I also was not crying.

And the voice said to me, “Basically here’s your challenge, I want you to go through tomorrow, the wedding day, and notice the miracles that happen in your life when you stay in gratitude.” And so I went to sleep, and woke up the next morning and I started to watch as I was grateful for everything during that day, how everything flowed. From beginning with my sister saying that she would pay for my hotel room, to my son saying he would buy breakfast for me, to a prospective client coming up to me during the reception saying, “Oh, I want to work with you as a spiritual counselor,” to identifying a wedding gift that I could give that didn’t cost a lot of money, but meant a lot to them. It was the beginning of my stepping out in the power of gratitude and that was the first gift…


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