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Hands and chakras

Aloha, Friends, Yogis, and Conscious Creators!

We are in the in-between, a parenthetical state, the liminal time when the world that was, no longer exists, and the world to come is still evolving.

Intuition tells us that everything is not as it seems. Layers upon layers of perception, feeling, and meaning appear, even if we’re just walking along a beach, gazing up at the Sky, or enjoying the butterflies sipping pollen from magenta and lavender flowers.


We may feel like the caterpillar in a chrysalis, turning from a worm-like larva with six-legs and limited range – able to travel only the space of a plant or two — into a beautiful butterfly that roams vast distances to pollinate plant species and evolve Nature.

Like the metamorphosing caterpillar, imprisoned in its tiny world, many of us grapple with a sense of isolation, despair, and grief from these pandemic times. We feel pressured, falling apart, dissolving, when actually we are where we ought to be, in a Phase State, transforming into more effective creatures living more in harmony with Nature.

As Nature’s agents of change, we can relate to the imprisoned caterpillar, dissolving into an amino acid soup, a hot, liquid mess, before the magic of life renews us.

Bit-by-bit, our cells are unwinding new information, and like the caterpillar, we are dreaming of a new life. Using emerging imaginal cells, we are learning to co-create the new form.

Does the caterpillar know it’s turning into a butterfly, or does it fear, like some of our human friends, that the world is coming to an end?


The life cycle of the butterfly has four stages — egg, caterpillar or the larva, the pupa or chrysalis, and the adult moth or butterfly. This pattern can show us how to be patient and transform with dignity. By reflecting the WHOLESOME pattern of Nature changing, the morphing larva reminds us that evolution is guiding us exactly where we need to be.

As my mentor’s mentor, Hale Kealohalani Makua, said, “We’re right on track.”


At each stage of life, there are moments that feel and look like catastrophe, as the chrysalis might seem to the caterpillar! But the pathway to a majestic life as a butterfly only goes through the challenges necessary to grow new organs and shape clear and potent energy systems essential for the evolution of this beautiful creature. It is Phase Shifting.

Our whole biosphere is in a developmental Phase Shift now, and it is vital for each of us to build an unshakeable inner peace, turn our fear into faith, and learn from Nature’s dreaming. If we respond with avoidance or shame, we miss the opportunity for magic. If we respond with curiosity and awareness, we can mutate into the People of Pure Hearts we choose to be.

What happens inside the chrysalis is a fundamental shift that may invoke wonder or fear, and feelings of birth or entrapment, depending on the way we understand the process. The creature is turning into a new being who has a fundamentally different reason for living. This can be frightening, even overwhelming, if we don’t have tools, methods, guidance, understanding, and rituals for attuning our transformations with the cycles of Nature.


The powers of awareness, breathwork, connection, and clear expression all help to unify our coherent sense of self, our Souls’ integrity. Through times of radical change, all of your varied feelings and perceptions find their place in the Wholeness that you already are.

One of the best methods for clear and bountiful transformation at this challenging time is sacred breathwork. Air bonds us like nothing else to the flowing of the life force and the evolutionary impulse.

Pranayama, meaning the stretching of the inner breath, was developed thousands, even tens of thousands of years ago by early Yogis and Shaman who sought ways to heal the body and mind, nourish the tribe, and find answers to the greatest mysteries of the Universe.

Since then, many variations have arisen. Called variously the Breath of Fire, Kapalabhati or the skull-shining breath, Breath of Love, Kundalini Breathing, the Who Breath, Clarity Breath, and the groundbreaking practice known as Holotropic Breathing — meaning “breath moving toward Wholeness” — each has its unique strength.

These breath practices work by cleansing the energy channels known as nadis or meridians, soothing and balancing the brain, and clarifying the mind and body. By giving the nervous system a fresh supply of oxygen-rich blood, they ultimately lift the spirit’s vibration and unveil new and precious treasures inside you.

By invigorating the Theta state — the brainwave pattern associated with drumming, shamanism, and the adventure of healing —these ancient practices invoke advanced levels of consciousness. They unveil a natural and comforting renewal of our physical tissue and communion with the Elements, Spirit Animals, and Ancestral or Affinity Guides.

While much of the world struggles for health through outer power and five-sensory security, a felt sense of Wholeness through evolutionary breathwork gives People of the Heart authentic inner empowerment. It stirs the multi-sensory aliveness and relational integrity we all need to navigate these challenging times.


You are warmly invited to join us for the FREE Joy of Wholeness event on Saturday, October 2, at 10 am Hawaii time (1 pm PST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 10 PM MET – Middle European Time).

Together, we can restore our Sacred World.


LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MONTH-LONG COURSETHE SHAMANIC ROOTS OF YOGA, October 2 – 30th. Only $40 for five sessions. Please go here to learn more and sign up now — OCTOBER COURSE ON SHAMANIC ROOTS OF YOGA

I am looking forward to meeting each of you! Our course is fun, personal, dynamic, and interactive. The classes will run 90 minutes so there’s plenty of time for meditation, mantra, dynamic breathwork, and divine flowing. The last half-hour is for sharing and Q-&-A.

IT IS TIME TO ALIGN through Presence, Balance, & Skillful Means.

Centering Energy Meditations give us Presence.

Yoga instills Alignment, Strength, and Balance.

Visionary Journeys awaken the Skillful Means to create a world that works for everyone.


As Nature’s agent, your metamorphoses from a five-sensory materialistic consumer to multi-dimensional regenerative co-creator transforms everything. The key is in trusting your intuition. The Earth needs you with your astonishing vastness and intention.

Listen deeply, and shed light on the mysteries that move you. Step across the threshold of resistance into the creative and healing world where you want to live.

There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Feel how GRATITUDE, SEEING, & BLESSING spark an instant shift so the pure energy of Source can move, soothe, and motivate us through our imaginal cells. The session will be recorded for later viewing, free of charge, whether you attend the live event or not.

We are so excited to have you with us!

With love,

“It is more than just a yoga class. Marya is a wonderful yoga teacher with a mastery of yoga principles and practices and a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that can help anyone looking to just learn about yoga and breath or discover more of themselves in a spiritual quest. Marya as a teacher gives generously of herself and the techniques she has learned over many years of yoga practice. She brings her students closer to wisdom by teaching different concepts such as venturing into the sacred garden, divine dreaming, and wisdom visualizations.” – JA, Washington D. C. area

“Marya’s spiritual teachings are food for the soul! She is an expert Yoga Teacher, with much wisdom and knowledge and shares so much with her students. Afterwards, she provided a recap and a video so students cam review and continue their practice. Highly recommended!” – Toni V., Las Vegas, NV

“Marya creates such a safe and playful space to expand and experience hidden aspects of myself.” – Jeffrey, Petaluma CA

“Do it. Be ready to become more amazing than you believe you are, because whatever limitations you think you have will be dispelled at the hands of this master.” – PL, Hawi HI

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The problem is we have paleolithic brains wearing meat suits with god-like technology and medieval institutions.” — Ian Wilson

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