Connect with Nature Spirits to Tend the Earth

bare feet in circle

We call nature spirits by many names — fairies, devas, elves, forest guardians, and forest angels. Some people refer to them as the little people or the hidden folk.

The hidden folk are recognized by people all over the world. Menehune are the mythological dwarf people in Hawaiian tradition who are said to live in forests and valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, mostly hidden and far away from humans.

Over the past 15 years, I have gotten to know and love the spirits residing in the royal palms, weeping figs, yellow hibiscus, and red ti leaf plants that inhabit the land where we live, Kealakekua Valley, which means pathway of the gods.

I love this land, the swelling ocean beyond, and the volcanic peaks that capture the first glimmers of sunrise every morning as I practice Yoga barefoot in the grass.

Like the snails, insects, and Hawaiian hawks, the io, they respond to our thoughts and intentions. Everything and everyone is connected in the web of Nature, and the subtle biofield carries our state of mind and attitude to affect the whole.

I used to walk through my neighborhood and see how pollution, the pandemic, climate change, and other problems had brought browning leaves and fungal disease, and my mind would get caught up in worry. Then I started to engage in deeper spiritual practices, blessings, and energy dances that I will share with you on Saturday, and that lifted the veil of reality so that I could see the trees and all of Nature thriving instead of perceiving it as suffering.

Now, I see the trees in their divine perfection, radiating spiritual light. I see the blossoms and seeds as flawless. I sense my power to bless the plants and heal the bees, to cleanse the water, and uplift the trees. And I speak with the forest guardians and nature spirits to find how I can assist the land and trees.

That’s how Saturday’s TENDING THE EARTH workshop was conceived. I journeyed to meet the Spirit of Kealakekua and find out why I was called to be in Hawaii. In an adventure too long to recap here, I met the Spirit of Pualani, the heavenly flower herself!

She reminded me that we are the caretakers of this great Earth, and that by calling in and working in partnership with these beings, our prospects of healing the planet can improve exponentially. She told me to create a 5-hour workshop to help heal the Earth underneath our feet at the New Thought Center. Why 5 hours? One hour for each of the 5 Elements is one reason. The other is that spiritual practice takes time. Are you willing to give five hours to move from your own spiritual heart and help heal the Earth and our place in it?

Anyone can lift the veils and find new ways of perceiving reality and helping to ease and reverse the damage done to our beautiful Earth.

In the collective, many are caught up in the realities of scarcity, violence, and severe climate change, but this is only one perspective. Another level of life opens when we remove the constraints on our thinking and learn the mystical and magical ways of Indigenous ancestors.

The key is to work in partnership with the nature spirits. Hidden folk can be elusive until they feel they can trust humans and their commitment to caring for the Earth. They will not do the work for us, but they will work with us. And when you lift the veils and perceive the mystical realms, it brings you health and joy, and it helps our home planet to thrive.

On Saturday, July 10th, 11 am – 4 pm, we will explore:

-How powerful it is to enhance our bodies’ intelligence through movement, breathwork, intention, and sonic attunements.

-Our deep connection with nature and specific ways of bonding with the spirits of a place.

-How waking up inner capacities helps heal the Earth.

- Why nourishing your body — back, hips, shoulders, and entire cellular matrix – permeates our inter-being with sacred vitality.

-The ancient practice of making an altar to ground the five Elements and balance your life.

Next Saturday’s Holy Communion with Nature and each other will strengthen and support your commitment to healing and creativity while inspiring new dimension of consciousness to empower you and nurture our planet.

TENDING THE EARTH: GROUNDING YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT IN THE RHYTHMS OF NATURE will bring us together to use our collective intelligence in service to the Earth.

Please bring a yoga mat, eye pillow, cushion, instrument if you have one, notebook and pen, as well as an item you find in Nature that wants to come with for the ceremony to heal the Earth.

To register for this soothing, magical, restful, and deeply nourishing workshop, please go here —

If you have questions, please reach out to us at Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness at this number – 808-345-0050.

With love, Marya

Marya Mann teaches Evolutionary Yoga, works with clients, and writes stories, books, poems, and the celebrated newsletter Brave New Views about life, love, sacred movement, Indigenous wisdom, and keeping a sense of humor in seriously challenging times.

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