Day 4 | The Gift of Friends Helping Friends

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On a Rainy Day (or any day)

It rained lions and tigers and bears on Monday in Hawaii, but silk painters braved the elements to arrive at SKEA. Inside, we felt the thunderous balancing dance of Fire and Water from the cave-like pottery studio in South Kona.

We stayed warm with our intention to make beauty, have fun, and share peace of mind.

With the wind pushing rain sideways, rainy days can give pre-teen painters time to go inside and learn how to be mindful. Painting with friends and mentors like Elisha Southworth doubles the pleasure of mindfulness. We feel safe, and being aware of the breathing body, feeling, form, and color gives us vitality and a calm well-being.

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Extending and expanding our inner peace by helping friends near and far to feel more joy, compassion, and peace through intentional creativity triples the fun and brings everyone health and happiness.

The Dalai Lama remarked once that we are visitors on this planet for 90 to 100 years and in that time we must try to do something useful, something good. “If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the meaning of life.”

In ArtWavEs workshops, this has proven true time and again. If we skip any part of the process —opening movement circle or breath counting to relax the nervous system — it shows up later as an issue. Painters learn through skills-building to give gratitude and appreciation, to develop self-reliance and confidence, to focus, to pay attention to details, to listen to others, and to help others – with a smile, a hug, or making art that moves us and the world in a good direction.

The ancient choreography of the land and weather outside, the fiery volcanic flowing last month of Tutu Pele, balanced by the passionate waters of Lono, the ancestral symbol of agriculture and fertility, is this day balanced with the inside weather, the contentment that painters feel.

Life is full of problems, which are opportunities to leap forward into new competence. What AWE workshops teach is harmonious problem-solving. As we harmonize colors, we also harmonize our hearts and heads, engaging a better inner picture of ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves, we can harmonize with each other more easily. We learn to value harmony over being right. Feeling good helps us to stop the urge to make others feel bad. The lens of harmony affects every tone, tint, and tale you encounter in life.

We can solve a lot of personal problems in life and help our world to solve many collective problems by making peaceful ArtWavEs.

It’s a choice. Do you want kids to learn to have a better inner picture of themselves? Do you want children to learn to use their inner power harmoniously, so they don’t erroneously attempt to take power from others? Do you really want a world at peace, a world that works for everyone?
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