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Aloha, Friends, Yogis, Evolutionary Spirits, and Cultural Creatives!

Vision with me if you have a moment, that we are living in a sacred world, a balanced world, an Equinox World. Just as day and night are equalizing in the sky this week, we seek and find equilibrium everywhere!

The cosmic timing amplifies and accelerates our vision, be so be careful what you put on your mind map. Conscious affirmative prayer lifts into the stratosphere, while we stay grounded in our bodies receiving insightful and pleasurable divine energy. We plant seeds now because we are ready to find the balance internally and externally for receiving our wishes and dreams as reality. Without unwanted thoughts or patterns interfering.

So choose wisely. For instance, Imagine – I know this is a stretch — all communications and social media are in balance and aligned with the highest good. Bam!

All the insta-snap-twitter gizmos are finally noticing how sexy it is to aim their tantalizing powers toward global healing! Aho!

Inner, interpersonal, and climate healing is lifting us like a great wave onto the threshold of the Great Healing. Om om om!

It feels good. To belong to something larger than ourselves.

It feels even better to be aware of nothing but this breath. Large and small in equal balance is the way of the Equinox World. Masculine and feminine in equal balance. The obsessive internal arguer and the spiritual clarity that resolves it in equal balance. Understanding we ourselves can stop causing suffering in each other.

Vision with me the Equinox World moving as one harmonious balance, without any past pain or resentment, clear of old wounds and free of traumatic memories of loss and bleeding. Let them flow into the cauldron of Light that opens up inside you when you let go of the past, forgive, and feel into your full potential.

Yes, I dream. Yes, people who stop dreaming have every right to be cynical. War attacks dreams. Poverty attacks dreams. Natural disasters and racial and gender injustice attack dreams. But dreaming is where the Power Within us is.

Dreams are fundamental to guiding us in our struggles and to sharing Power With people we trust and want to lift up in mutually supportive creativity. We know the old paradigm of Power Over others as an ideal was simply mistaken. We see our circles of kindness and compassion growing, the haters, doubters, and nay-sayers diminishing under the weight of their own distress. We wish them well but cannot save those who won’t be saved.

Circles and arcs and curves. Visuals and symbols that guide the Equinox World are extremely potent when used well. Like the visual idea of flattening the COVID curve that was presented to us one year ago. We saw it, kept dreaming it, and we did it. When we visualize, we do realize. Thank you, Spirits of the Quantum Field.

So snuggle up to the idea of using all our resources to flatten the next curve. We did it with the COVID-19 curve, and now we intend to flatten the Keeling Curve. That’s the graph that represents the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere since 1958. Named for its creator, Dr. Charles David Keeling, who discovered during studies at Mauna Loa here on Hawaii Island that the global atmospheric CO2 levels were rising nearly every year.

Just as everything and everyone has a Soul, the Equinox World has a Soul. It is the Soul of Balance. The celestial moment of Equinox comes next on Saturday, March 20th, 2021, and we can call on her any time of the year.

Evoking the Soul of Equinox, may balance, alignment, and harmony guide all we think, do, and say!


GONG BATH FUNdraiser for Artwaves


*To Raise Resources Feed, Love, & Teach Hawaiian Children
82-6012 Puuhonua Road, K-Bay, HI*

Do you want to rejuvenate yourself while helping to feed the children of Hawaii? if so, please join us for a Gong Bath & FUN-raiser to Feed Families, Raise Vibrations, & Share Healing Arts.

YOU are invited to make a big impact on the future by joining us for a special GONG BATH and FUNdraiser at Equinox, the potent time of “equal light,” when day and night are balanced and celestial energies are at a height.

The first ten lucky people who donate can attend this vitalizing event in person, if they want, or they, and many more, are welcome to tune into the spirit of the day via cellphone.

If YOU are called to…
…. rejuvenate yourself with deep relaxation through Sonic Empowerment …..support Pacific Artwaves, a non-profit group of artists, educators, and health professionals, who serve and support Hawaii’s most vulnerable children and families through holistic creative arts workshops and life skills training.
…..do something soulful for your community.
…care about the three pillars of a regenerative community – health, love, and creative partnership in collaboration for the common good.

THEN COME to the seaside in Napo’opo’o and join us for a LIBERATING GONG BATH. Or tune in wherever you are.

Celebrate life and help a good cause.

Your donation of $25 will be used to design, plan, and implement our next phase of food distribution, arts trainings, workshops, and events to nurture and de-stress our children so they experience life-long wholeness.

Our goal since starting Feed the Children in Kona more than a decade ago has been to give kids and families the emotional resilience, creative outlets, and skills training they need to build sustainable lives and work toward having good jobs later in life.

We can break the cycle of poverty which drives systemic homelessness, helplessness, and other maladies resulting from our society’s income, racial, and medical inequalities.

Empowerment is the key. We welcome you to absorb the GONG magic next Saturday, and then to make a sound, a heartwave sound, with us, and to mark the moments of Equinox by setting a group intention that will echo around this beautiful world!

“Let Artwaves Nourish the Children so they have healthy bodies, loving hearts, and live safely in larger and larger circles of kindness.”

Please donate $25 or more below. You will be sent details on safe attendance and cellphone connection.

Donate to Artwaves and Attend or Tune into GONG BATH

Mahalo nuiloa for Artwaves!

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