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Aloha, Friends!

Are you ready to re-imagine what else is possible. For yourself, your family, our community, and the planet?

By drawing on the powers of pure energy, connection to the Divine, and visionary potentials, any or all of us can produce a sudden evolutionary jump known to scientists as Punctuated Equilibrium. When lifeforms change quickly, they can manage to become a new species.

There are many thresholds to cross as we integrate new skills and potentials into our mindset, vocabulary, and skillset. We know how to feel and visualize our desired reality, and that the body is an incredible bio-electrical teacher and source of higher functioning. This higher wisdom is a power everyone can tap into.

The good news is that we can learn the tools and trigger higher functions through physical and spiritual practices, certain herbs, sexual experiences, and even trauma.

The bad news is that we’re in a hurry to transform our human predicament, and sacred sound and movement, Tibetan meditation practices, and Dreamtime Journeywork of Soul Medicine and Shamanic traditions, take time and repetition.

In this month’s ONLINE course, “Yoga for Pure Energy,” we use our time together homeopathically. As we nourish, balance, and fully reclaim our natural multi-sensory intelligence, we restore ourselves as integrated vessels of energy, matter, good feelings, and rivers of light. From our awakened hearts, we instill healing energies into the larger biofield.

Do you have the courage and stamina to journey gracefully through whatever is on our path?

If you are among those making rapid evolutionary jumps, it is vital to nurture and balance your lifeforce — Prana, Mana, Chi, and Qi — for healing, creativity, and sharing your radiance with our world.

Please join us this Saturday, August 14th, at 10 AM Hawaii time — (1 PM PST, 3 PM CST, 4 PM EST) – when you will learn practical methods to tap into your authentic bio-psycho-spiritual power, a continuum of intelligent energy that ignites your intuition and improves the quality of your decisions, health, and life.

We’ll practice time-tested and innovative ways to…

- Use breathwork to cleanse and rejuvenate Manipura Chakra, your energy center of personal power.
- Balance and harmonize your body, mind, heart, spirit, and Soul in the Yoga Matrix
- Learn Bija Mantra and Visualization rituals for aligning all your chakras with Elemental energies
- Do the Dance of Liberation to find a new movement vocabulary to restore equilibrium.
- Embrace your Luminous Energy Field and learn to move, clear, and uplift it
- Trust the Power of Your Intuition to dispel root causes of troubles

Take the Quantum Leap to know, live, and enjoy your extraordinary life, and help heal our beloved Mother Earth!




We will send you Zoom Room Keys and Password shortly after you sign up.

In these quantum teachings, for only $40, you will receive:

- Six hours of Live Interactive Online Yoga Training.

- Replays of Classes to view whenever you like.

- Notes and questions on each class to deepen your understanding.

- Handouts on Visionary breathwork, Sacred Garden journey methods, and Resources for further study.

- Innovative ways to tend and befriend the thoughts, feelings, and energies that have formed barriers to your freedom and wisdom.

You’ll also have access to our private Soul Medicine Facebook group for interaction and sharing with course participants. You’ll be part of an international community that envisions a positive future for all and be on the leading edge of a global movement of people manifesting a world grounded in the principles of love, cooperation, discipline, harmony, and reverence for all life.

Find detailed August online course descriptions here:

All Live Online Classes are on Saturdays at 10 AM HST (1 pm PST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 8 AM NZ). You will receive REPLAYS of all classes for review and in case you miss the real-time events.

I so look forward to seeing you there!



“Working with Marya was nothing short of extraordinary. I am eternally grateful that I found her as a mentor and inspiration.” KC, Kailua-Kona HI

“I so benefited from Marya’s Gentle Yoga classes, which include spiritual teachings and so much more. It is food for the soul! She is an expert teacher, with much wisdom and knowledge and shares so much with her students. Afterwards, she provided a recap and a video so students could review and continue to practice. Highly recommended!” – TV, Las Vegas NV

“It is more than just a yoga class. Marya is a wonderful yoga teacher with a mastery of yoga principles and practices and a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that can help anyone looking to just learn about yoga and breath or discover more of themselves in a spiritual quest. Marya as a teacher gives generously of herself and the techniques she has learned over many years of yoga practice. She brings her students closer to wisdom by teaching different concepts such as venturing into the sacred garden, divine dreaming, and wisdom visualizations.” – JA, Washington D. C. area

“Do it. Be ready to become more amazing than you believe you are, because whatever limitations you think you have will be dispelled at the hands of this master.” – PL, Hawi HI

“She helped me focus and make better choices in relationships. I am more contented with myself and have more energy to put into projects and better relationships all around.” – DL, Sacramento CA

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