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How do you become the change that is needed in your life —- and in the world? On and off the mat, Yoga is a powerful path to becoming more radiantly healthy, spiritually awake, and passionately engaged.

If you’d like to move beyond poses — and explore the depth and breadth of this cutting-edge yet ancient holistic practice — — join us for a one-of-a-kind experience to discover yoga practices, guided meditations, and healing breathwork for restoring, balancing, and invigorating you in body, mind, and soul.

On Saturday, October 26th, 1-4 PM, explore the Healing Matrix through Fascial Fitness & the Story of Indra’s Net. You’ll experience integrative Yoga practices for Body, Energy, & Spatial Inter-connectivity designed to unlock your capacity to heal and awaken. You’ll discover how Yoga can help heal chronic illness, stuck emotions, stress, and anxiety, while aligning with a greater intelligence. Yoga for Fascial Fitness will help you more easily and joyfully navigate life and awaken more inherent wisdom to help you contribute to a more peaceful world.

Embodied well-being, soulful harmony, joyful relationships, and healing for our planet are all connected. That’s why I’ve become increasingly devoted to researching, realizing and refining tools that help us feel better while also helping others — students, clients, loved ones, and groups — to find their highest alignment, purpose, and optimal state of flow.

Many of the tools are found at the intersection of exciting new mind-body medicine, quantum physics, and Yoga. They literally rewire the brain and body to foster greater health, tissue resilience, balance, compassion, and intelligent action. With less pain and more stability, we are able to embody our true selves and do more to solve the collective and personal challenges we face. We are able to fully enjoy the material and spiritual depths that offer great treasures for our life journey.

In Evolutionary Yoga Flow, we stretch the connective tissue — the fascial net — which nourishes your cells and changes how DNA expresses itself. This alters the way your genes and your genius function. With this remarkable ability, we tap into healing & creative energy fields that invigorate & integrate our personal potential with the universal matrix.

Encouraging compassionate intelligence in and outside the body, we become good medicine for ourselves, others, & our beautiful planet.

On Saturday, October 26th, 1:00 – 4:00 pm, you’ll awaken more deeply to the sensory pleasures of living in a human body, align the many facets of your diamond body to restore your true nature, and invigorate the spiritual power of your own heightened presence.

You’ll learn to …
- Integrate fascia awareness and a mindfulness-based approach to movement
- Learn keys to enhancing soft tissue resilience
- Transform chronic tension patterns into biotensegrity
- Add new dimensions to your yoga practice
- Awaken rivers of prana that interweave the healthy body.

AND you’ll receive a take-home resource with Tips for Fascial Fitness, Tissue Healing, and Injury Prevention.

FREE GIFT FOR EARLY REGISTRATION: Please register early! If you sign up by Monday, October 21st, you’ll receive FREE entry on the morning of the workshop to stroll through the extraordinary Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary, a one-of-a-kind experience blending sacred art and meditative spaces. It’s a walkable masterpiece tucked away on Painted Church Road in West Hawaii. Learn more about Paleaku at www.paleaku.com. Call 808-345-0050 to claim your gift!

REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP and find more details here: www.maryamann.com/store/fascial-fitness-indras-net-integrative-yoga-workshop/

If you have any questions, please call 808-345-0050.


Friday, November 1st, 9:30-11:00 am: Yoga for Happiness – Loving Life after Loss, Trauma, or Disease: Kundalini breathwork, laughter yoga, & loving-kindness meditations

Saturday, November 23rd Workshop, 1:00 – 4:00 pm: Soul Medicine – Learn 3 Sacred Kapu of the Spiritual Warrior & Soul Cluster Empowerment

Friday, December 6th. 9:30-11:00 am: Patanjali’s Sutras & the Peaceful Flow: 8 Limbs in the Classical Tree of Yoga

@ The New Thought Center in Kealakekua
5:00 – 6:30 pm, $15- 20 or Class Card
81-6587 Mamalahoa Hwy, C302.
More detail at www.maryamann.com/calendar

Immerse yourself in blissful experiences and authentic awareness with a nurturing community and beloved teachings. Discover yoga practices, guided meditations, and healing breathwork for restoring, balancing, and invigorating your body, mind, and soul.

QUANTUM HEALING: more people are finding that Quantum Healing is just what they need to refocus their energies and affirm the sacred purpose of their lives. Discover more here: http://www.maryamann.com/the-way-of-quantum-healing-yoga-training-in-hawaii/

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