Healing with Yoga in the Spirit Worlds


Be you. Be here. Belong.

Aloha, Friends!

The first time I felt how the tiniest micromovements inside my body could restore the larger connection to sacred movements of the Universe, ecstasy flowed from my soul.

At first, the ecstasy was a surprise. Every organ and limb had been bruised or broken from a car accident. I was resting on a blanket under an oak tree, feeling the wind touching my cheek. I could not move, but I smelled the fresh-cut grass and the flowering lilac. I was grateful just to feel the air on my face. Broken bones hurt and outer-focused movement ricocheted pain through my body.

When I initially sensed this magical movement under the skin, not from the wind, but on its own, I remember the surprise. It was the only motion that didn’t hurt. It was the most loving, flowing feeling I had ever experienced. As I allowed and followed the movement, it became a larger wave, a waterfall. It loosened my jaw and neck. A whiplash started to ease. Not just then, but over many days and months, my body and mind began to recover.

Fast forward 50 years from that paralyzed body, through decades of Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Medicine, and here I am. Cultivating healing movements and helping people see and feel their own bodies has become a full-time adventure.

Finding and encouraging genuine movement, rather than habitual movement, inside a body in pain or chaos, improves the quality of life so much that people speak about miracles. By teaching them to reconnect with the truth that is timeless and essential, by harnessing the art of attention and the science of life itself, I have seen thousands of people reconnect to the mystical quest and recover their souls.

How does it work? Because it clears away bad habits and restores Nature’s electrical current in nerves and glands, innate movements tap into the ground of genuine love. It restores our sense of belonging, which is the medicine needed for our planet’s health.

I hope you’ll make space in the coming Mondays at 5:00 p.m. to know this ecstasy, this medicine for the future. In the infinite realms of the soul, you can find peace within and that becomes the peace we want in our world. In these “Yoga in the Spirit Worlds” sessions, our intention is to strengthen the body, clear the mind, and vitalize the soul’s infinite dimensions by reconnecting with the inner movements of Water, Light, and Sound.

This is Yoga as the ancient sages and shamans intended. When we allow ourselves to be moved — moved by the spirit, in-spirited by the breath — the infinite dimensions of the soul move us in profound, healing, and beautiful ways.

IN HAWAII, please join us for “Yoga in the Spirit Worlds”
WHEN: Mondays, 5:00 – 6:30 pm
WHERE: SKEA – Society for Kona’s Education and the Arts 84-5191 Mamalahoa Hwy. Btw. Mile Markers 106 & 105
DIRECTIONS: www.skea.org
DETAILS: www.maryamann.com/calendar/month-view/
Or call 808-345-0050.

Gentle Vinyasa – All Levels Welcome – Being Kind to Body and Mind.

WHAT: Quantum Healing, Quantum Creativity and Psych-K
WHEN: Schedule at your Convenience. Call for more detail: 808-345-0050
WHERE: ANYWHERE via Zoom and phone, at your Kona home or office.
Or at The Lotus Center in The Royal Kona Resort,
Downtown Kailua-Kona: Call 808-334-0445
DETAILS: Learn more here — https://www.maryamann.com/the-benefits-of-psych-k/

Centering, Nurturing, Rejuvenating.

Please join in the flow!
Namaste, Marya

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