Last Call | Yoga for Spirit Online | April 10th

Yogi Stretching forest within

Do you want to go back to business-as-usual when the pandemic ends?

Would you like to build on the empowerment you’ve earned through the last year, doing your best to protect others, nourish yourself, and heal our beloved Earth?

If harmonizing who you really are, living up to your full potential, serving our planet’s healing, and rejuvenating body, mind, and Soul sound good to you, please join the online Yoga in the Spirit Worlds class tomorrow, April 10th, at 10 am HST. (1 pm PST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST — Please double check your time zones)

THRESHOLD GUARDIANS give us access to deeper levels of our shared inter-being inside the body. They help restore sacred vitality when we are ready, and Yoga fosters that readiness. By connecting with Nature, chanting the Ganesha mantra to remove obstacles, and setting clear intentions for our Yoga journey, we embody our true nature as a healing presence in the world.

In this one- hour class, followed by interactive discussion, you will:

- Learn a gentle Acu-Yoga massage to decrease anxiety and unwind stress lodged in the vagus nerve, a central river of Prana.

- Feel how patterns of anxiety, excitement, and awe can be seen as Threshold Guardians and integrate their important purpose into your life.

- Discover how ceremonies involving Kundalini Kriya, breath attunements, and cellular movements “plug into” the Healing Matrix.

- Explore Tree Pose, Vriksasana, as a cosmic pattern that can help us, like our woodland friends, fix carbon from the atmosphere and stop climate change.

- Nourish your fascia – the body’s connective tissue — and find new ways to improve the way you feel, move, and look today.

- Explore the practicalities of Yoga and Meditation and the mysteries of subtle energy medicine and the Dreamtime.

You will learn to strengthen the body, balance emotions, clear the mind, and connect with your visionary wisdom that offers guidance, power, support, and protection this Saturday at 10 am Hawaii time.

Please learn more and register here for the April series:

If you are having financial difficulty, please send me an email to receive a Conscious Commerce FREE PASS.

As our gift to you, you will receive a replay of the April 3rd Masterclass upon registration.

To register for just two classes during the month of April, please sign up here:

We hope you’re able to catch the events as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a class recording as soon as it’s available.


The way we hold and move our bodies reflects a history of perceptual patterns that shape how we feel about the world. These Mental Maps chart territory inside and outside the body and affect everything about us. Freedom from mental confusion stemming from these patterns through yoga asana practice, when done mindfully, is a “mini-theater” of the mind and heart, teaching both visceral and intellectual truths if we are attentive.

Together with visionary practices brought to us by ancient shaman, ancestors, and guides, Yoga helps us to transcend ordinary life and move into sacred space where we can deeply connect with Source.

In this illuminating hour-long class, we will explore the role of gatekeepers in the spiritual dimensions. Threshold Guardians can help, hinder, inform, trick, stand in your way, speak in riddles, be dead or alive, or transform into magical vehicles that instantly transport you to where you want or need to be.

You will embody your Highest Self, your Oversoul, and align conscious, subconscious, and superconscious aspects of your being to engage your Threshold Guardians in the Spirit Worlds.

To learn more about the year-long Evolutionary Yoga Flow Self-Transformation and Teacher Training program, please go here:

May the love and blessings of the great goodness guide you, nurture you and teach you well!


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May 23: PRESENTATION AT NTC SUNDAY SERVICE – “Ganesha, Animal Spirit for New Beginnings”

Marya Mann, Ph. D.
Author, Yoga Teacher, Quantum Healer
Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness
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