Letter from the Future | January 20, 2025

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Letter from the Future, January 20, 2025

“Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein

Today in Washington DC, President-elect Kamala Harris is about to be sworn in. When she was chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate in 2020, many thought her rise to become the 47th U. S. President would be undercut by her history. In her early career as a Black California prosecutor, she walked the razor’s edge between confronting police misconduct and being labeled a leftist firebrand.

Many had underrated her strength, just as they underestimated the staying power of President Joe Biden’s populism, but the moral higher ground won out.

Back when the Biden-Harris team won the 2020 election, the empty-promises of the Trump-Pence ticket were becoming ludicrous. For instance, Biden had freely admitted to making mistakes in his earlier years, and apologized for them, but Trump turned every criticism into a blame-game. When asked about government spending for education, Trump said, “I have the perfect plan for cutting government spending, and it will also protect our nation’s children from Education.”

Did he even understand what he was saying? “She’s named Betsy DeVos, and we’ll hold super-spreader events and give so many people COVID-19 that we’ll have to shutter the schools. No more Education budget cuts to complain about! So there. Problem solved.”

Biden, on the other hand, took in as much information, knowledge and know-how as possible, and synthesized it with the help of devoted public servants. If he made a decision that he thought was right, and it turned out he was wrong, he said so and apologized, and then he made amends.

Biden closed corporate tax loopholes, restored vital environmental regulations, and re-engaged the U. S. in the Paris Climate Accords, all on his first day in office. In fact, his role in immediately rolling up his sleeves and getting to work saving our planet led to his iconic name, the Climate President.

Telling the truth, acknowledging life struggles, and thinking rationally were such a refreshing change in a president. Our former commander-in-chief had carried on for four years about personal grievances on his public platform as President of the United States.

It had traumatized the entire population, and almost everyone, suffering PPTSD – a new diagnosis in the DSM-5 – Post-Presidential Traumatic Stress Disorder – joined protest marches, text banked for Greenpeace, donated time, cookies, and phone calls to get out the vote for Climate Healing.

We went to the polls in unprecedented numbers. There were 50,000,000 more voters who cast ballots on or before November 3, 2020, than at any time in U. S. History. In a landslide, President Biden and Vice-President Kalama Harris won by more than one million popular votes, and with 438 electoral college votes, far more than the majority 270 required to win the election. Trump-Pence received only 100 votes.

The sound heard ‘round the world was our collective sigh of relief.

Like love, empathy, confidence, happiness and decision-making ability, Biden grew to be better over time. He ascended to Presidency at the age of 78, and in just nine months, he did more than any leader – ever – to save our planet.

With the pandemic raging and the climate crisis in full swing, after the rise and fall of the thin-skinned grifter C.E.O. who had sat on a toilet made of gold, on January 21st, 2021, President Biden issued 10 Executive Orders to reverse climate change and address social injustices. Over the next four years, he led a team of leaders who torpedoed Trump’s money-hungry, misogynistic, racist, and anti-environmental legacy.

The first order of business for the Democrats who had won not only the Presidency but both houses of Congress, was to construct a coherent federal response to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, you may remember, the coronavirus was expected to spread for another two years and infect up to 70% of the population.

A Trump spokesperson said, “We’re going to have to learn to live with it, maybe forever.”

“People are not living with it,” said Biden. “They’re dying with it.”

At the urging of experts in New Medicine coming out of the New Sciences —Energy Medicine, Mindbody Centering, Energy Healing, Quantum Therapies, Reiki, and PSYCH-K among many others – a brain trust was funded to study and develop new treatments based on ancient wisdom and modern Meditation technologies.

Their methods gained traction when they measured in the lab how thousands of people learned to boost their own immune systems, clear the body of toxins including viruses, and restore healthy vibration in their tissues through Massage, Mental Training, and Singing.

By mid-2021, the New Medicine brain trust had developed easy protocols for brain balancing methods that helped children, adults, and elders protect themselves from disease while staying healthier and happier. Through the power of the mind, precise movement, and clear intention, skills for self-care became part of the standard curriculum in public schools and national health care costs dropped by half in just two years. Fewer people were sick and wellness for all age groups started soaring. Families became stronger and the happiness index went through the roof!

Besides repairing relationships with global allies, Biden commenced cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and the total decarbonization of the economy by 2050. These life-saving measures were the beginning of the end for the fossil fuel industry, and the start of electrifying everything with solar and wind energy – for zero-carbon power.

Together, Biden and Harris held polluters accountable and worked closely with the majority Democrats in both houses of Congress to distribute funding to communities overburdened by pollution. They created good, meaningful jobs by investing in clean energy, clean transit, and an exciting new manufacturing sector.

Fracking did not need to be banned because oil and gas industry leaders saw the light! Remarkably, they realized when their own families and communities began dying in the pandemic, super-hurricanes, and forest fires, that burning dead animals (fossils) for fuel would cause even more disasters. They voluntarily transitioned to safe, low carbon, inexpensive, renewables: air source heat pumps, shallow geothermal heat storage, and biomethane from waste.

The powerful lobbies that up to 2020 had backed the fossil fuel industries saw the light too. They changed their ways, transforming themselves into social and environmental justice advocates and helping Congress to close tax and energy loopholes for millionaires!

Smart economists re-imagined U.S. business as exporters of pharma-free, holistic health methods, ecological enterprise, and harmonizing arts and sciences that brought back some of the admiration for America as a responsible leader in the Free World. They were able to envision the perfect equations for just reparations to our beloved Black communities who suffered the indignities and injuries of slavery and racism, and then the shrewd diplomacy of Biden and Harris brought Congress together to pass legislation enacting them.

In their joyful and egalitarian way, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris reignited an age of Integrity, of Okayness and Enoughness, of Kindness more powerful than Contrariness, of living by the Soul, not by the Sinister.

The elder sage helped save the Affordable Care Act and Roe v. Wade by unpacking the Supreme Court and depoliticizing it. Everyone knew Republicans had unethically appointed 15 out of the last 19 Supreme Court justices, and that it was debilitating a legitimate democracy. To rectify that, Biden and Harris devised legislation to expand the size of the court and impose 18-year limits on SCOTUS judges.

So today, January 20th, 2025, as Kamala Harris is being sworn in by Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor, we have much to celebrate.

The nations’ first Black woman president places her left hand on the U. S. Constitution and the Bible. She raises her right hand. “Please repeat after me,” says the first woman Chief Justice, the Honorable Sotomayor, a native of the Bronx and first Latina Supreme Court justice. “I do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

President-elect Kamala Harris repeats the Oath, as stated in Article II, Section I, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution is as follows: “I do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

So much to celebrate!

Midway through Biden’s Presidency, people began to realize the Biden-Harris leadership was so conciliatory and effective, it was like having Dolly Parton and the Dalai Lama lead us, but better. Because these were good managers too, and by doing their special kind of bureaucratic magic, recalling of the healthy spirits of an abused and neglected government. But as Dan Rather wrote on Twitter, “Can you call it a government if they don’t even pretend to govern?”

Throughout 2021, they met with leaders from all 193 sovereign state members of the United Nations, and together, they outlawed colonialism and war. They were hailed as Lightworkers. People came to view their own lives and the lives of their leaders and wisdom keepers as sane and healthy. Wholehearted and lighthearted.

Optimism returned. Hope made a comeback. The Dark Side had lost its handhold on the edge of the cliff where humanity was teetering. All the pain, pessimism, and false piety of the previous 35 years — in fact, from the last 200 years of industrial materialism, and from the last 5000 years of dominators’ patriarchal paradigm – melted into oblivion. A golden Age dawned.

Friendly with Mexico, Canada, and Central and South America, the United States is bursting with creativity again. Biden’s presidency has been called by some the US Spring, a potent push against evil from the basic sanity in the hearts and minds of all our 51 states. Remember how Puerto Ricans, on the same day Biden and Harris were elected, decided they wanted to be a state. On November 1st, All Souls’ Day, in 2022, they became state number 51.

The gentle septuagenarian who finally buried the hatchet between Republicans and Libertarians, Socialists, Democrats, Green Party people and Independents, once and for all, decided to get along. All the politicians realized that at heart, they were Lightworkers, and everyone enjoyed solving problems, soothing cultural conflicts, and reorienting to our common Mother, the Earth. Feeling gratitude and reverence, reversing climate change, in the selfless way we know we should, and we can.

No one could believe it when people started referring to him as a Lightworker, as less a politician, corrupt like all the others, and more like a powerful, humble man, speaking the truth. Many spent time doing active imagination to give and receive specific energy codes to collaborate with Nature’s Dreaming and open pathways for the atoms to make up new space and matter. Atomic miracles replaced atomic bombs.

At one point, Donald Trump, still claiming the election was rigged, appeared on Fox News, claiming the new school reopening rules were excessive because they placed student desks so far apart no one could cheat. This was six months after the last COVID death was reported, because the Biden-Harris New Medicine Brain Trust had formulated such successful treatments for coronavirus and other diseases. That was the last we heard of Trump then, until he went on trial in New York, was convicted of corruption and fraud, and sent to 4 years in prison. One of the jurors was heard to say, “Four years he abused America. Four years he pays.”

If Biden was the Climate President, initiator of the Age of Light, what kind of President will Kamala be? As she begins her speech, we get a glimpse of what is to come: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I come to you today as a believer in forces that can dispel violence and hate. By electing me, the discipline of Love has won. Can we sustain the victory? Yes, we can. Because there’s only one thing more powerful than violence, and that is Love. So, shouldn’t we be fighting violence with love? I don’t mean relational love. I mean treating people with love. Feeding them. Educating them. Hearing them. Healing them. That kind of love. Are you with me?”

The howl of applause and roars of support from the Washington D. C. crowd are enormous, but the celebrations around the world — in Asian villages, in African huts, on street corners in Greenland, everywhere on this great Earth — sends a pulsing rhythm, a shared heartbeat, the sound of movement and change, around the world. Cheerful, full of good will, we send our souls out into the Universe, and they return to us with the most beautiful sound, the sound of peace.

And so it is!

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