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Aloha, Wise Beings!

The morning rains had bathed the atmosphere in rich golden hues on the day I went to a spiritual center to give a talk several weeks ago. Everything had that earthy scent that comes after a fresh shower.

After my talk, a young woman I knew walked me to my car and said, “Can I ask a question?”

“Please do,” I said. “And thank you for asking.”

“I feel like I need guidance. Since we met several years ago, you’ve been a big part of my soul awakening and it accelerated two years ago with huge shifts in my energy. Six months ago, I finally got what I thought I wanted. I met this man and we fell in love. After dating for five months, he decided to end the relationship. I didn’t understand why. Everything was going so well, and I was incredibly hurt. But then I realized his ending the relationship was another spiritual awakening for me. I understood that my real awakening wasn’t about the relationship. I wanted to find a mate, but what I needed to do first deep down was have a better relationship to my soul’s source.”

I stopped and looked at her kind, alert face and into her hazel eyes, focusing on her left eye, the soul’s eye, rather than her right eye, the personality eye. With my physical eyes, I could see she was stressed. With the spiritual eye of my heart, I saw her as whole, perfect, and complete. “You wanted to depend on someone else to give you the good feelings only you can generate. And are you back on center now?”

“Not quite.” We walked on. “I wanted so badly to count on someone else, that I was willing to ignore taking care of myself, and my own source, and now, I’m closer to my source, but I’m isolating myself. How do I balance the two? It seems like when I get close to others, I lose myself!”

“Mingling energies with others is a delicate affair,” I said. “Pun intended.” She grinned. “When we’re conscious and empowered, we feel how and where our Aka cords reach out and radiate the best in every direction. We seem to embrace the world with light!”

She knew from our work together that aka cords are the invisible medium for transmission of Mana, our personal spiritual power. As we stopped at the car, I started loading my bag, drums, flowers, and fresh fruit and vegetables from a sharing table they set up at the center every Sunday.

“I love that feeling,” she said. “Embracing the world with light.” She opened her arms wide and up to the Sky with a big breath. I did the same, and we blessed the Earth and Sea with our mutual intention. A big hug came naturally then. Aka cords are sticky, and so when we connect, we stay connected to whatever we touch unless we intentionally cut the cord.

“Are you having a hard time cutting the cord with your boyfriend?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she said. The Aka cords that carry Mana look like small, hollow ropes. Modern physics has come close to describing these unseen energy threads with Superstring Theory – the idea that the universe is made of particles and fundamental forces of nature that exists as vibrations of tiny supersymmetric strings.

“Sometimes, it’s imperative to shield ourselves from unhealthy power drains,” I said, to encourage her in maintaining good boundaries. “You’re saying that you know at the level of source, the break-up was a way for your Oversoul source to give you the time you need to learn to use your authentic power with skill.”

“Yes, that’s so true.” As the sunshine heightened, a shimmer of rainbows glowed from the greenery of palm, banana, and orange trees around us. We continued chatting about how not counting on someone else for the way we feel is essential to feeling our inner power.

“Most people are living very conditional lives, so if something we think is wonderful happens, we feel fantastic,” I said. “But if something happens and disappoints us, like not being able to control the desire of another person, then sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough power inside to process all our feelings and navigate through them. And that’s a frightening thought, but it’s not true.

“This misperception makes people want to ambush others’ power, believing aggressive power, gaining power inauthentically, will work, but all does is create more abuse, trauma, violence, crime, and war in the world. The whole premise is wrong.

“Nature has given every one of us enough. Enough authentic power to be and live at our highest potential. Enough to engage all our souls’ desires. Enough so that with every breath, we are empowered by life itself.”

“Through the three souls,” she said.

“And the oversoul connection, our spiritual source,” I said, knowing she understood this fourth aspect of human consciousness from the Yoga in the Spirit Worlds course that she took with me online. As in all my classes and workshops, we blend Hatha and Tantric Yoga with visionary tools of the Mystic, Shamanic teachings, and the Creative Arts.

After we hugged and got into our respective cars for the drive home. I was thinking about the Inner spiritual fieldwork – mantra, movement, drumming, creative visualization, song, discipline, improvisation, and more –that wakes up an extraordinary biological-energetic system in the body. I’ve seen the changes in faces, lives, and attitudes of thousands of teachers, students, friends, and myself.

This awakening stimulates the brain, the heart, and the ductless glands, which in turn are in close connection with the chakras, dense spheres of energy stacked vertically along the spine.

Together with the emanations of our three Soul bodies, the chakra and etheric energies make up our personal Aura, which engages the Oversoul energy to guide us, teach us, and empower us.

Most people are thrilled to recall their Oversoul connection and establish, through the physical body, a consistent bond with the non-physical, originating facets of themselves. Recovering our Souls in this way, feeling the vibration and frequency of our natural state of joy, changes everything.

We engage the continuum of relationships that weave the matrix of our inner dynamics, which has far-reaching repercussions in the outer world.

The understanding of the three souls and our Oversouls is echoed in many Indigenous cultures, by ancient Shamanism, and in the modern sciences of neurology and psychology. Wise people have over thousands of years discovered basic realities about consciousness, energy, and the power of intention, many of which our society has forgotten.

When we cleanse, balance, and integrate the three aspects of ourselves, the soul cluster, and clear and align the chakras. we activate a natural evolutionary program for personal growth and empowerment as well as a profound connection with the sacred realms. It heals the body, tends the heart, and mends the mind. We may let go of some old thought forms and unhealthy relationships, but we gain even more: we find our Higher Selves and recover our souls.

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