What is the Renaissance you seek? Six Blossoms for 2021 —-

“All the world’s movements, apparent chaos, and suffering I now know happen in the Splendid Unison: Our tambourines are striking the same thigh.” — Hafiz —-

Aloha, Dear One!

Happy New Year, or Hau’oli (Happy) Makahiki (year) Hou (new)!

Humanity is fragile but love and learning have the power to strengthen, protect, and guide us. You are so precious to me, and to many others too. Please lean in close and know this: the light-heart, beauty, grit, joy, and even grief you have brought to the table of life ripples through the universe like angel whispers, inspiring every person you touch.

Gratitude swells as the aches and ecstasies of last year flow through me. It started with almost dying in a coma in the ICU, then rising with invisible prayers as many of you brought me back. So almost dying, then rising, harmonizing, and now, I purr like a cat.


The cycles of time and eternity do balance the polarities. Blossoming with hope and optimism in each new year, I pledge allegiance to the eternal return, the balancing: it was awful then, and now life is good. Why? How can things change so quickly?

After a bitter winter, comes the spring. Crushing tragedy sprouts wings of new perspective and compassion. After the crucifixion, there is the resurrection.

Many of us – whole societies – have forgotten the renewal that comes from struggle, and so we miss out on integrating and embodying what we learn.

There is no reverence point or reference point as potent as an out-of-body near-death-experience to re-member the power of Ha, the breath of life, the light body, and the resurrection, but the Yoga of Love is as close as we can get in life.

That’s why I’m gifting you with Six Ways to Cultivate a Yoga of Love. In a Yoga of Love, we remember there is always something to be grateful for – this breath, this body. We let the music pour over us, displacing some old fear, the old chaos, awakening our hearts. We find a comfortable position, a poem, a painting, or a friend to fill us with a new perspective until we feel the fountain within.

Our hopes and fears will not be resolved by an ecological revival and economic upturn, as some say. The economic, environmental, ethical, social, and transformative recoveries we envision will be revived by how well we plant and weed our invisible gardens with good wishes and practical but heavenly visions. Setting intention and clear alignment imprint the Loom of Love and Dreaming Worlds with our love, focus, and positive futures.


How do we get there? What is a Yoga of Love that digs deep enough and stands tall enough for the middle way of the heart to know how best to serve the Earth and elevate energy levels at a time of escalating extremes?

“For one human being to love another,” Rilke wrote, “that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks… the work for which all other work is but preparation.”

And yet the work of love too often leaves us feeling inadequate, unprepared, nowhere more so than when we confront the abyss of daily differences between ourselves and our colleagues. Often, in our families and our closest relationships.

Yoga is the complete opposite. It leaves us feeling adequate, prepared, loving, and at home in the whole body, stretched out over the abyss with two feet planted firmly on either side and doing the advanced pose – smiling!

So, as a reminder that Love is greater than anger, and that forgiveness is the foundation of our personal, national, and global stability, I invite you take this Yoga for Love RX, heart advice to stay centered in these interesting times.


Consider it a bouquet of SIX blossoms to celebrate a Renaissance of Love in the coming year. May this year, 2021, bring all love, peace, and more fun!

1. Take a media fast now and then. No need to be an Ostrich, but don’t let extreme news and technology enslave you. Notice when you get hooked. As our Yoga practice evolves, we start understanding that, just like us, other people also keep getting hooked by hope and fear, self-judgment, and rejection.

If we are lucky, we find our unconscious triggers and unlearn them. If we are blessed, we find their meanings. In just this, we cultivate compassionate space for others to do their own unhooking, centering, and healing.

2. Knots of anger, frustration, and injustice may gather in your solar plexus and the liver. It was a liver abscess that almost killed me last year, I have learned so much in replenishing the Prana through Reiki Healing Touch, AcuYoga, and Yogassage. But there is nothing for raising heart energy like a relaxed spinal stretch. Do a backbend over a pillow, cushion, or chair, lengthening the lumbar spine.

Relax from the navel center to the hips and diaphragm. Elongating the outbreath, feel a release of emotional clutter that can congest the midsection. Breathe in yellow and green colors of healing light to circulate through the digestive, reproductive, and eliminative organs.

3. While in the backbend or anytime, let your navel relax as you follow your breath, saying to yourself, “Breathing in slowly, I am aware of breathing in slowly. Breathing out slowly, I am aware of breathing out slowly. Breathing in deeply, I am aware of breathing in deeply. Breathing out deeply, I am aware of breathing out deeply. Breathing in love, I am aware of breathing in love. Breathing out love, I am aware of breathing out love.”

These words based on the Vietnamese meditation master Thich Nhat Hanh’s mantras give me great assurance that if I can slow down this much in three breaths and feel who and what I am, then there is hope for the world. It calms the crazy far-out mind that spins its tales of woe. Instead, we focus on what matters.

Spend time with the Sky in your mind. Let the clouds of thought pass through. My mentor’s mantra weaves a rope for the mind to follow, bringing scattered strands of thought into the cord that binds me to my Oversoul.

3. Yoga teaches us to balance our physical body through bilateral attention to the placement, flow, pattern – and paying attention to both sides, linking them with a bridge of connecting light. Do the same with mind and emotions. While being established in your own center, even your viewpoint, don’t hold on to it. Listen to opposing points of view.

Develop this by practicing the Mountain Pose, Tadasana, aka Samasthiti, or Equal Standing. Known as the central axis of creation, Mountain is the central core of all standing poses. Finding your center is not a concept, it is felt sense of the middle way, a space of stability so clear you not only know what you stand for, you are the standing, the understanding.

We listen more accurately and easily when we meditate and are grounded in our bodies, free of unconscious triggers. We stand equally on both feet to balance right and left hemispheres of the brain. From our Mountain perspective, we reach from our heart through the feet into the heart of the Earth, and we rise up from the shadows of the valleys to sunlit peaks of consciousness. At the top of the mountain, consciousness is vast. We can see what we couldn’t see before.

4. Develop the ability to hold two or more opposing viewpoints simultaneously without making one right and the other wrong. One way to pre-cycle situations – gather resources to reconfigure energy BEFORE a situation happens – is to practice Santosha, contentment.

Taking quiet time at sunrise, lighting a candle, doing loving-kindness meditations, walking in Nature, cavorting with animals, friends, and imaginal creatures are all ways to invoke Santosha, but you can’t chase it. It’s like a shy cat that hides under the bed. If we try to catch it, we never will. But if we are still, and attentive, the cat will come to us.

5. Love things as they are, with an appreciative rather than critical lens. Read inspired poetry that brings mindful awareness to our feelings and everything we do.

Coax the sustained awareness of our interconnectedness with each other, the planet, and the cosmos. Perceive differences without comparing those differences. Ram Das calls this “choiceless awareness.”

6. Explore the fear of the unknown through asana practice and yoga rituals. Practice postures, movements, and sounds that you have been avoiding and reflect on how this may relate to people and situations in your life. Learn new variations of basic asanas and try out your own innovations.

By venturing into the unknown through the exploration of movement, sound, visual, and interpersonal arts, we can break free of past fears and limitations. When we expand our comfort zones, we in turn expand the the circle of kindness we share.

In this way, we can increase the Velocity of Love and cultivate the Renaissance we are capable of. Take this bouquet, enjoy it, pass it along, and one blossom at a time, our Yoga of Love wiLL change the world and bring more joy to the dance of the eternal return.

With Love and Blessings,

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the ‘atomic age.’ It lies in being able to remake ourselves.” ~ Gandhi


Blissful, dynamic, delicious at New Thought Center, 5 pm on Mondays

Yoga is a movement system and way of life that stabilizes the soul in the body. Anyone can experience themselves as a full manifestation of spirit in the simple acts of daily life.

We are responsible for our bodies and we have a choice. Life can be better from now on. While asana, breathwork, and visualization processes strengthen your core, tone the muscles, and massage the organs, your mind is also changed.

Engaging our innate coherence that feels balanced, buoyant, and abundant. Life becomes more balanced, buoyant, and abundant.

Clear movement reveals how you may be repeating unconscious patterns that sabotage your deepest desires. You can change the movement, and that altars the mind. Or change the mind, and that altars the movement. You discover how to discern, adapt, and listen to your true inner wisdom

Enjoy gentle empowerment practices on a beautiful OPEN-AIR lanai, SAFE, plenty of fresh air and space, PHYSICALLY DISTANCED, and invigorated by a relaxing view of Kealakekua Bay. Friendly, Centering, Nurturing, Rejuvenating.

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WHERE: The New Thought Center of Hawaii
81-6587 Mamalahoa Hwy, C302
Kealakekua, HI 96750


“If you attack apparent negativity with negativity, you merely feed and inflame the source. It’s always best to take the positive in any conflict. If you genuinely love, or at least send kind thoughts to a thing, it will change before your eyes.” –John & Lyn St. Clair Thomas in Eyes of the Beholder-


To live the life you are meant to live, keep learning. Heighten your vibration. We are the carriers of Goodness on this planet. Are you letting your authentic energy and power sleep? Do you need to tune up your vehicle, body and mind, and restore the mystery, purpose, and magic to your life?

World peace, awakening to our true nature, global climate healing, creativity, and/or the ideal relationship – whatever you wish, know your innermost essence is the first key to its accomplishment.
The problem arises when we are traumatized. Trauma touches all of our lives, and right now we’re collectively experiencing the effects of traumatic events with global impacts. The challenges of trauma are real – but there is hope. Embodiment practices and self-care do bring healing.

During these transformative sessions, you’ll:

-Understand how to stop perceiving the world based on past trauma.

-Realize trauma is an event that happened in your life, but it is not a life sentence.

-Transform old reactions into wise actions based on your soul’s wisdom.

-Have more fun by letting go of old mental and emotional habits that don’t serve you.

-Learn to identify unconscious patterns that trip you up and find wisdom in your triggers.

-Explore the art and science of Muscle Energy Testing -Feel your intuition guiding you so you trust decisions you make.


All you have to lose is your suffering. All you have to gain is your soul.

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“The last mind-altering drug is truth.” – Lily Tomlin


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Love and Blessings to you all,
Marya Mann

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