Lovegram to the Earth | A Sacred Vow

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Fragile things and people can be hurt.
Tribalism too drains others of self-worth,
But finding our kin in everything,
Restores us as saints, shape-shifters,
Singers and ants, all bonded in Earth,
Welcoming the rebirth.

So find your light, hear the soul note.
Raise the love vibe in your silky throat.
Don’t worry what others said or did
Don’t let them get your goat.
For you have power and holy threads,
Just sew yourself a new spirit-coat.

Boundaries we are wisely setting,
Opening doors for generous in-letting.
Remembering our planet gave the first prayer.
Long before humans, rocks were talking, being fair.
Not forgetting to be humble, to tenderly care.
To walk with gentle feet, calling up our paradise,
To feel the freedom, uncontrived, without disguise,
We own no sight — we gaze through Earth eyes,
And what a vision, when seeing is decolonized!

Within you, Mother, we are born.
Without you, we are lost. We mourn.
Those who hurt may cut you down.
But those who heal, rise unbound.

What does it mean to take a vow?
To say, “I promise you, on the holy Tau,
To be a lover and defender of Earth,
Here, in my heart, and in the eternal now.”

Realized by Marya for Earth Day 2021 RESTORE THE EARTH


Oh, Order of the Sacred Earth?
The world needs a profound expansion of human consciousness to move us beyond Tribalism to a consciousness of the whole. The vow we share in common if we choose, is a vow to…
1 – Break the cultural trance.
2 – Support those in service to Earth and one another.
3 – Respect and defend our sacred Earth.
4 – Integrate core values underlying the holy vows of our ancestors, applying them from a modern perspective.
5 – Transcend traditional vows of sacred orders in the West which have included Poverty, Obedience, and Celibacy.
6 – Honor Stability, Harmony, and Creativity.

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now”. – Jack Kerouac
To celebrate Earth Day, a poem…..



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To regenerate our world, we must tend to the thoughts, feelings, and energies we allow into our field. When we realize that we are Earth’s co-creators, we are graced by new wisdom that guides us in the birth a new reality. To give birth to a New Humanity that lives in a way that does not deprive others of healthy lives, we clear away our own destructive energies and activate a new paradigm. Internal first, external second.

Please let me hear what vows you are making to our beautiful planet for Earth Day. I love hearing from you!

May you find joy, perfect health, and wonderment on the journey!

With love, Marya

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