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FREE Online Event | February 6th Yoga Ceremony | The Power of Rites

How to help the world and our families through these extraordinary times is a hot topic of debate.

Should we volunteer, work extra hours, tutor children, make paintings or a dance, write our congresspeople, write a poem or book, or run for public office?

Must we run away from it all? Run toward the conflicts? Or just try to get everyone to just calm down?

Different strokes for different folks, correct? Yes, and no. There is one fundamental element that enhances all our efforts, and centers us in our soul. That element is our health: the well-being of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual foundations.

It’s not that we court ill-health. It’s more that we don’t consistently take the time to listen to the heart, soothe the body, clear the mind, and amplify the spirit. We neglect to take time for the sacred connections we enjoy through the Power or Rites.

When we take the time to cultivate sacred space, and when we honor, affirm, and align with our souls’ purpose, our being is awakened to such astonishing beauty that we the pure center of bliss inside and all around us.

Of course, bliss is not the goal, just as happiness cannot be the aim. Truth is the aim and the goal is to live the truth of our being.

Bliss and happiness are the new blossoms that grow out of our care of the soul and Sacred Garden experiences. They emerge out of the darkness when we feel threatened by challenges. Explored with the Light of the Soul, the conflict of dark and light shoots off sparks that ignite the seeds of wisdom planted in us long ago.

We don’t run away. We face our suffering, as well as our joy, and our role in it. And we realize that for humans, pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional. We often are shocked to recognize that we were as fearful of our natural ecstasy as we were limited by the inherited pain.

We discover that inner empowerment and a humble grace, centered by unconditional love, reveal potent soul medicine solutions. These revelations can illuminate painful, even nagging, problems, which transform into messengers from our divine nature.

Ancient sages from the fields of Yoga, Shamanism, and Energy Medicine were always careful to guide their students to discipline themselves with daily and rhythmic practices. To keep awareness keen and our attunement steady and constant, they knew we needed to understand the power of ritual as a consistent and meaningful presence in our lives. Ritual means, in fact, tuning into the presence of Nature.

The Origin of Ritual

The word ‘ritual’ comes from the Latin word ‘ritualis’, associated with the word ‘rite’ which comes from ‘ritus’, typically understood to mean a type of ceremony or custom. The original concept of ‘ritus’ could be associated with the Sanskrit or Vedic concept of ‘ṛtá’, the principal of natural order within the universe.

Ritual forms a cord that connects us with natural patterns and cycles of Nature. A ‘ritual observance’ can be practiced alone, with others, as a stand-alone meditation, or it can be included in a larger ceremony.

Purpose of Rites

In Yoga and Meditation, we learn to pay attention to the way we feel, the intentions we carry, and how we are coping with the current challenges we face.

The purpose of a Kundalini Yoga rite, for instance, might address your need to build strength, your desire for more self-love, and growing confidence in your ability to renew your energy. On the other hand, a Centering Meditation might be an appropriate rite if your need is to slow down, to let go of the stresses of the day, and open up the creative imagination for journeywork.

Understanding yourself, knowing what rituals work best for you, when, and in what order is one of the most important steps you can take to become the person you were meant to be, as well as a better teacher, guide, therapist, or mentor,

To transform what you don’t want into steppingstones leading to what you really desire, you can tap into a continuum of consciousness through three kinds of movement.

Learn more about the three kinds of ritual movement on February 6th at our Online FREE Introduction.

(12 PM PST, 2 PM CST, 3 PM EST)

Restorative Yoga for Difficult Times Yoga to Transmute Difficult Emotions
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Afterward, the Pathways of Bliss Serenity Saturdays series continues throughout 2021, when you can explore Yoga and the Healing Arts of Shamanism, Energy Medicine, and more, while engaging your Whole Self and bringing your natural bliss back to life.

2021 Pathways to Bliss: Yoga Empowerments for the Great Turning

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“Marya creates such a safe and playful space to expand and experience hidden aspects of myself.” – Jeffrey, Petaluma CA

“If you want your life to take off into the stratosphere, you have to know yourself and your purpose. It’s inside, I learned, but we have to know the architecture of the soul realms Marya shares so beautifully. No matter what’s going in the world, knowing my true center, my soul, and my authentic power changes everything.” — Rama, Minneapolis MN

“Do it. Be ready to become more amazing than you believe you are, because whatever limitations you think you have will be dispelled at the hands of this master.” – PL, Hawi HI

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