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For refugees from the corporate war paradigm
Knowers, creators, and perfectionists who consider suicide
As civilization goes deep into the shadow lands
And it’s hard to see the triple rainbows,
First, let go of the idea Love is not on our side.
We will break through, not downslide.

This prescription comes from the Sun.
It is not a joke, not a threat, but a diagnosis
In the ancient way of gnosis from conversations
With the dia – gods and goddesses – who send
Gnosis – knowing – in tonics for the defeated depleted.
Find in your nagging despair a worthy companion.
Begin with naming the human brain- damaged virus
For what it is, the oldest pandemic in the world, violence.
Heal the shadows by turning toward the Light.
And let the healing treatments begin.

Now we will all die sooner or later,
But why not later?
The call to live rings through us
With every breath and every little death,
Unless heavy with tasteless thought bombs.
Don’t lock your true colors away!

What needs dying is not your tender being,
But the deceptive blocks that close us off.
The patterns implanted in you by
People who didn’t know better,
The wolves who run around in saint’s clothing.
Invasive beliefs are what want to die.
The dominator paradigm will ultimately kill itself,
But don’t let it take you with it.
We need you! Dissolve negativity
In the fertile sea of all our relations.

Nothing against wolves or saints.
You love wolves, at least theoretically,
Which is exactly the problem. Love isn’t theory.
Love is action, a feeling tone and texture,
The space between us and the wolf.
And being born to a wolf who feeds and licks you
Is a blessing. She teaches you to hunt and recline.
Compared with being born of some humans,
The Ms. Perfects and Mr. Cutthroats of the world,
The dominators confused by power and the
Lifelong victims who hide their true power —
Compared to that, being the spawn of a wolf,
Brothers and sisters in Nature, this is divine.

We all have facets, ancestors, and neighbors
Who forgot the drum and the dance,
Who entered the Great Turning,
Open-hearted with healing, helping hands,
But who lost touch with the sacred lands.
And to hide the pain,
They dimmed their bowls of light,
But only for a while because
Look at you, remembering one!
Your cosmic rays are shining,
Spirit families are coming home,
Where we celebrate with musical dining.

Lay down the guns, projections, and harsh words.
Put the pen, paintbrush, and prayer shawl
To play and work dispelling what really needs dying:
The enslavement of the imagination.
Where your creative spark was disrupted
In favor of logic’s domination,
Let there be peace. Let threads in the
Planetary corpus collosum
Restore the inner sanctum, where
Gods, comics, and poets smile wide
And the walking wounded and angels reside.

We can’t crack ourselves in half
And still thrive among the real living.
We are movement, energy, delight,
Subtle, sensuous, and complete.
So go in and make a left-brained list
Of all the right-brained ways
You can grow your spirit today.

Heal the grand, holy wholeness.
Fuse the crack with your own
Noble, royal clean and wise blood.
The real royal is one whose crown
Balances right and left.
Up and down, in and out.
Round and straight.
Making a new wave.
A new way of thinking about
The path unconscious humans have taken.
Choose to become the path of loving consciousness.
It’s that simple.

Suicidal thoughts are not about you.
They are part of the sea of commerce,
The collective PTSD of children of war.
You don’t want to die.
You really want to kill the pain and false beliefs
Of the dominator paradigm
That tried to kill you but failed.

Bring your devoted gaze to every injury
The dominator virus has caused.
See that all is healed, perfect, even happy.
Carry forward the conversation about
Our real humanity, about the rags to riches
Cycles and a renaissance of regeneration,
The true nature of things.
Share the laughter and songs that fill our lungs
With surprising inspirations and new perceptions.
Carry forward the beauty of the butterflies
And the awe of looking up into the stars
Moonbathing at midnight, the taste of kisses at dawn.
Kiss children, beloveds, the birdsongs.
Smooch with the wind on this holy ground.

Let your soul connected to all souls sew a hem
From the heavens down to your toes,
Weaving you back into Indra’s net.
You need never feel separate again.
Imagine the triple rainbow today.
Watch it sow and grow seeds of peace.
Don’t ever forget you are one with the web forever.
You be abandoned? Never.

Realized by Marya, March 16, 2022
Kealakekua, Hawaii

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