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Namaste in gold

Aloha, Friends, Yogis, and Cultural Creatives!

While cycles like the seasons or phases of the Moon seem unchanging and assured, the Earth is shape-shifting. As cells in the Earth body, we too are flowing into new forms, formlessness, and evolving systems.

The more ready and resilient we are, the more aliveness and evolutionary fervor we have to foster a saner world, and the more we can help to recover the sacred world.

The sacred world is a high-frequency reality that touches our hearts beyond words. Its benevolent intelligence leaves no one behind and reminds us that we are whole. It is a world where kindness is the legal tender and where human perceptions have expanded beyond the five senses, awakening the soul-wisdom in everyone. In the sacred world, we sense our innate wholeness, which heals all the places we feel fragmented and unsure.

We’ve all had sacred world dreams like this, the recognition of what we are capable of, amazing experiences of wonder that make us believe such a world is possible.

Certainly, you can recall an interlude or two when the heart of the universe peeped through a cluster of daisies, or a star-studded night sky became a feast of guardians.

Remember that inner elation that came in catching the sparkle of a tiny rainbow in the morning dew on a taro leaf?

The sacred world appears out of nowhere – now here! – and what was wrong dissolves, while what is right curves toward tomorrow.

And we want more sacred world experiences. The nirvana — the extinction of suffering — that comes at dawn’s light, at labor’s end, at the top of the mountain, or in the instant when unconditional love returns after a relationship struggle — it is welcome, essential, and divine!

But evolving humans need more than another thrill, trip, or out-of-body experience. To prevent harm, to aim our intentions, movements, and voices toward the highest good, the brightest light, and the healthiest future, we need to nurture the sacred world with every breath, word, thought, and action. We need to stay conscious of the sacred breath, why we’re living, and where we’re intending to go.

To restore the authentic power and bliss that is our natural, healthiest state, we must engage in moment-to-moment cultivation of the sacred world. We have got to invest in real learning at every level of reality and in all fields of consciousness.

That’s why we’re embracing the sacred world in our exploration of the Shamanic Roots of Yoga this October.

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To learn more about the October course on the Shamanic Roots of Yoga, please go here: Shamanic Roots of Yoga — October Course

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