The Sacred Purpose of Being Human

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Aloha, Everyone!

Are you feeling the afterglow of Summer Solstice, the summit of full summer? The ceremonies in Hawaii at the Peace Gardens fill me with hope in equal balance with hopelessness.

At the moment of greatest global darkness, a luminosity arises.

The extremes are a good sign that the spiritual revolution is in process. It started when we realized how extreme opposites in unity, bonded in a sacred marriage, have led to the pregnancy, foretelling the rebirth for our ailing planet. Remember how a mother feels in her 8th month, and draw on the warmth of your heart in wanting to rub her swollen feet to calm and focus your sacred center.

We are not only the people we have been waiting for – we are the midwives! In these times of The Great Turning, we are learning to reconcile the opposites of our human condition – good and bad, high and low, in and out — and distill the pressures of this remarkable era. The pressures actually provide the necessary heat for our alchemy, the turning of base matter into subtle treasures, our Essence, our Souls.

This is not some esoteric notion – it is the essential adventure of our time, when the dangers of disconnection from ourselves, each other, and the planet threaten our very survival. Five senses aren’t enough to see the New Time we have entered. Open your spiritual senses to gaze with an Illuminated Heart at your life, our shared lives, with a heart awakened by Awareness, Courage, Wisdom, and Light, the four pillars of Soul Medicine.

On a vast scale, The Great Turning is the shift from Industrial Growth Society to a life-sustaining civilization. The health, ecological, moral, and social crises we face are caused by an economic system dependent on accelerating growth. The economic system doesn’t work because it lacks Soul and is rooted in the three poisons of ignorance, fear, and greed. By depleting the environment, causing millions of species to become extinct, and unleashing a pandemic, the Old Time system has thoroughly failed.

On a personal scale, we may find ourselves like Dante, lost in the woods, but we are also on the verge of finding the ladder of ascent. It is inside us, regenerating our lives with innate beauty, wisdom, and boldness. Our Souls are calling us to remember our Basic Goodness. The World Soul calls us to pay attention, and be humble, reverent, and disciplined in our spiritual practice.

When you work on yourself — on healing, creating lasting change, and moving into a more contented, healthier, and happier state — you are part of the solution. So why don’t most people change, even when they want to?

Change is about learning a new way to do something. Most learning is experiential. We suddenly get it. With an aha! or the sound of one hand clapping on the forehead, we remember our divine nature. Or we recall the name of an old friend or a place we have traveled. Out of the blue, we know the right thing to do. Aha!s are the greatest blessings.

Experience alone does not translate into a new behavior, not until we actually learn the new knowledge, especially if these are life-long habits learned in childhood and condoned by the dominant culture and especially if the patterns we want to change have been carried for many lifetimes.

Usually, when we decide to make a change, we have the aha, feel great for a while, and then we forget. Why? Because we haven’t learned the new thing. There are two phases to learning: experience and installation in our memory circuits.

Every one of us who answers the call to deepen, to connect, and to envision a sustainable future, has an experience of awe and commitment. What follows that is up to you. Is it meaningful action toward the goal, or is it more of the same old movement, emotional and thought patterns?

Being aware of what hidden beliefs we hold can open doorways to radical change, more energy, and greater satisfaction that you are being and doing what you were put on this planet to be and do. On the Path of Soul Medicine, we move up the Mountain of Spirit by clearing away old debris in our body, mind, and intuitive consciousness that may stand in the way of our ascent, and we take aim on a specific goal and move toward it. The goal may be personal healing of trauma, or finding your work in the world, or manifesting better relationships. All life processes are nourished when we cultivate the essentials of Soul Medicine.

Are you engaging in the healing of our planet the way your Oversoul wants you to? What are you doing? What holds you back? Are you ready for more harmonious relationships and deeper contact with your ancestry? Do you want to use your energies today to create a better future for our children and grandchildren? By asking the sacred questions, clarity is revealed.

It starts with spiritual attunement and empowerment. Celebrated Buddhist thinker and environmental activist Joanna Macy, who coined the term The Great Turning, says what our planet needs, while we still have time, is a “spiritual revolution.”

“When we look into our own soul with love, miracles can happen,” she said in an interview with Lion’s Roar magazine recently. “It’s a great thing to come out of the sleep, out of the hurry, out of the rush, out of the constant comparing ourselves with other people. To let that terrible strain drop away.”

That’s why the Journey to find SOUL MEDICINE is the path that matters most. When we heal our own Souls by releasing old paradigms and re-visioning our relationships to ourselves, each other, the Earth, the Elements, the Spirits of Nature, and the Dreaming Worlds, we recognize ourselves for who and what we are: Natural Intelligence Being Human in this spacetime dimension. From a new perspective, the viewpoint of the Oversoul fulfilling itself through our love, work, play, relationships, poetry, and art, we are Soul Medicine for our three Souls, according to indigenous traditions, and for others, and for the planet.

We are caretakers of the Earth. And yet we are more than that. We are the Earth Herself. When we pray on the Mountain or stand in Mountain Pose, we are not separate. We are the Goddess Gaia moving through us to protect Herself. As Joanna Macy has said, “The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.”

Stay in touch! I love to hear from you! And please register for the life-changing, spirit-soaring online e-course now. I would love to spend these precious hours with you!

Seeing you whole and full of Soul! Namastaloha!


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