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Aloha, Friends, Yogis, Cultural Creatives, and Neighbors!

We are all part of this healing Earth.

Isolated health is an illusion. Healing ourselves and working to resolve the contradictions in the human-Earth ecology is the same work. The current pandemic reminds me that the Universe doesn’t do anything against us. It is FOR us.

The coronavirus pandemic is FOR us, not against us.

We will come out of this more whole, more richly integrated, and more intimate in relationships if we now commit to doing things that may seem like the opposite: keep social distance and stay separate from the larger community, not only to protect ourselves, but to protect others.

All healing involves making whole again.

You could sense that wholeness in Governor Ige’s Third Supplemental Proclamation issued today. The occasion? From one confirmed case of COVID-19 on the Big Island and 26 state-wide one week ago, the numbers have jumped to three cases last Saturday on the Big Island and 37 in the state. There are now 77 people who are confirmed to have COVOD-19 in the state of Hawaii. In one month, a week, even in a matter of days, our world has radically changed. See the proclamation from Hawaii’s Governor at

During this time of great imbalance on planet Earth, we may feel torn between priorities.

Do we take care of ourselves, or help others? Resolve our own inner spiritual and psychological problems, or heal the unwell and cure social and economic ills? While each of us certainly has inner work to do, this attitude misses the point.

If you feel lonely, remember we are all part of this healing Earth. If you feel connected, reach out to someone who doesn’t, but keep your 6-foot physical distance if possible.

If we accept that we are totally a part of this healing Earth, then we must recognize that isolation in our homes, or going to work in crowded grocery stores, or putting on a bandana in place of a secure face mask to treat patients in a hospital, are all part of the same movement toward health. We all have ways to help stop the pandemic – we can visualize a paradise of health, send prayers, conjure constellations of light and archangels of spirit to dispel the darkness — but isolation itself is an illusion. We interpenetrate. Resolving the contradictions that exist between self and other, body and spirit, mind and Nature is how we will come through this.

Nature is guiding us every step of the way.

We will come through this together, remembering that the Earth Herself is a primary healer. Our help is in the mountains, the wild places, the depths of our hearts, the places we go to heal the wounds of people and our false beliefs.

We have to come to terms with the future.
From this day onward we will walk, dance, and sing Easy on the Earth like daisies on a summer day.
We will plant trees and grow harmony.
Kill no living things. Revere the resources.
Restore the pleasures of love.
Let the belly jiggle when we laugh.
And listen.
Listen to what it is telling us.

We cannot make this happen. It happens by itself, like meditation and genuine love. We can only practice the conditions for growing goodness and be amazed and grateful for each day’s harvest.

The conditions for growing goodness at this perilous time come in things like governors’ proclamations and writing powerful letters and making phone calls to demand the federal government organize itself like a proper administrative body. Keeping the pressure on elected officials to secure needed medical equipment for health workers is just as important as working in our gardens because tomorrow’s yield comes from today’s disciplined work to resolve the contradictions.

May the love and blessings of the ancestors, guides, teachers, gods, goddesses, wisdom masters, power animals, angels, saints, and devas shower you with health, strength, and illumination greater than 10,000 suns!


P. S. A healing gift awaits you! We made a Yoga Video, posted it on Youtube, and used the magic wand of the breath to stir the Prana of all who view it. Called “Love in the Time of Coronavirus,” the 57-minute offering is a labor of love that boosts the immune system, calms the nervous system, and inspires the spiritual heart. Friends tell me it moves them in ways they haven’t moved in years. Please give it a look-see, sip on the Prana you’ll find there, and if you are called, please leave a comment to encourage others to practice Yoga, something we can all rely on in this tender time!

Find the Evolutionary Yoga Flow video HERE , a gift from our heart to yours.

Marya Mann, Ph. D.
Author, Yoga Teacher, Quantum Healer
Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness
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