Engaging the Illuminated Heart

Sun, Jul 5, 2020 , Kealakekua HI

pink heart opening transformation

10:00 – 11:30 AM at the New Thought Center of Hawaii in Kealakekua

Ceremony for Calling Back, Blessing, and Healing
the Soul of the New Thought Center of Hawaii

In our first Sunday in-person gathering since COVID -19 required physical distancing three months ago, we are re-uniting. The Illuminated Heart sees all the love, longing, death, prosperity, poverty, playfulness, pride, mindfulness, spirits, sadness, soul radiance, and soul loss in our world today — and then unifies it, heals it, makes a new whole.

The inner Beloved knows exactly how to do this, integrating the fragments of attention to distill the magical elixir, Soul Medicine, for ourselves, others, and the planet. We will engage our natural body wisdom through gentle movement meditation, and then activate the biofield through song, drumming, and dance. Listening to the guidance of our Ishta Devata or Chante ishta – “the single eye of the heart” — we’ll create a Ceremony for Calling Back, Blessing, and Healing the Soul of the New Thought Center to nurture, support, and protect our sacred sanctuary.

Weaving the story of the future together through active dreaming and drawing on the ancient power of ceremony, we have the ability to rebalance chaotic energetic patterns and recover the capacities that bring personal, group and planetary health.

Dr. Marya Mann is a Yoga Activist, Author, Mentor, and Artist. She brings together wisdom practices of India, Indonesia, and Polynesia with her Native Roots in the Cherokee tradition and Buddhist training in the Kagyu lineage. Integrated into Evolutionary Yoga Flow, a system of movement, breathwork, chant, and meditation that saves lives and inspires more soulful intelligence, her movement meditation practices inspire embodiment of the True Self, trauma healing, and contact with Soul and Family lineages.

During her worldwide search to uncover the source of violence and eradicate it, she worked with mentors including Emilie Conrad, BKS Iyengar, Shiva Rea, Thich Nhat Hanh, Arvol Looking Horse, Papa Papa “K” Kiliwelu Kamaka Iki Ali’i Pa’akaula Kamoa Kepilino, and Hank Wesselman.

Co-Author of the book, “Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves,” Dr. Mann earned her doctorate after studying Balinese Temple Ceremony, discovering the principles of creativity, and dancing in hundreds of sacred rituals and performances to help heal the Earth. She developed the Yoga with Hawaiian Perspectives course for Hawaii Community College and has created an online course, “Soul Medicine for Global Healing,” which has drawn together a global community from three countries and many cultures.

She is the founder and program director of ArtWavEs Nourish the Children, a non-profit that serves children in the classroom, studio, and art room with good nutrition, silk painting, and mindful movement. She says of her work as a teacher and writer, “We are all students of the Sun and the Great Mystery.” During her third Near-Death Experience last December, she took a deeper dive into Nature’s Dreaming. Marya emerged with renewed commitment to the Language of Love which uses the poetry of the body and the vocabulary of the Soul Cluster to write the story of our tomorrows.

For more details, call Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness at 808-345-0050.

Event Location

New Thought Center of Hawaii
81-6587 Mamalahoa Hwy, Pualani Terrace, C302
Kealakekua, HI 96750

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