Shamanic Roots of Yoga | October Online Course

Sat-Sat, Oct 2-30, 2021 , Kealakekua HI

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Aloha Dear Friends!

I hope you’ll join us for these exciting OCTOBER SESSIONS — four live online Yoga Classes with Shamanic Journeywork, Holotropic Breathing, and Sacred Arts, culminating in a BONUS live Hallowe’en Party!

What are the Shamanic Roots of Yoga for your Body and Soul?

October is the month for remembering our Wholeness by invoking the Ancestral Wisdom and Future Unfolding we wish to evolve. This month, the veil between the worlds thins. The wise leadership of our families’ elders – contained in our own epigenetic systems — shines forth. We have a delicious opportunity to resolve old, intergenerational pain and encourage new solutions and strengths for the challenges we face.

Embrace Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Ancestors, the original grandparents who explored Earth before us, left us memories coded in our DNA, the epigenetic field, and the subconscious. Appearing as myths and memories when we are ready to remember, they call us home with knowledge of who we are, where we came from, why we are here, & where we are going.

Now is the time. The Polynesian mystic and Kahuna Nui Hale Makua called this coded blueprint of our human spiritual regeneration the Ancestral Grand Plan. We are potent Soul Medicine for the Earth and for the people we love.

Everything is connected!

Seeing the Light in Darkness & Healing in the Quantum Realms

This month, make it a priority to deepen your spiritual practice and let your inner Spirit guide you toward your greatest good. In this 4-week live video course, Yoga, Energy Medicine, and Shamanic Healing practitioner Marya Mann will show you how to connect with the language of your body to heal on a quantum level.

You are a master self-healer, and these ancient, time-tested, and leading edge modalities give you the tools to consciously create bioelectrical feedback to balance body, heart, mind, & spirit with your Soul Cluster.

Take Root to Fly

Please join us for these four extraordinary grounding, uplifting, and mind-expanding live online events on four Saturdays. You will receive supportive Resources and a Replay link to deepen your knowledge after each event!

October 2nd –The Joy of Wholeness: Breathwork & the Earth Temple – The Spiritual Realms

October 9th –The Biofield, Fascial Balance, & Bliss – The Lower World

October 16th — Soul Recovery & Transpersonal Knowing – The Middle World

October 23rd – Yoga for the Ancestral Grand Plan – The Upper World

October 30th — The Joy of Yoga Dance: Ecstatic Experience!

A FREE ONLINE PARTY! Come as Your Personal Favorite Ancestor, Spirit Guide, or Power Animal, or come as you are! Come, come, whoever you are!


We’ll see you there! If you have any questions, please reach out us at …

Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness at 808-345-0050

MORE DETAILS ON THESE EVENTS: ———————————————————————————

October 2nd — The Joy of Wholeness: Breathwork to Embody the Earth Temple

Experience the life-affirming effects of Yoga Pranayama, Asana, & Prana Dances as they show us how to embody the Soul, stabilize the spine, harmonize with the forces of gravity, levity, and electromagnetism, and awaken more coherence in the biofield.

Cleansing your lungs with Holotropic Breathwork and invigorating your sound channels through Mantra are ways to connect your inner power with larger fields of awareness and energy. While illuminating your interior world, the Yoga of Sacred Dreaming gives you visualization methods for remote healing of suffering in situations around the globe and throughout time which call on us for blessings.

Our discussion also includes:

- Navigating and Healing in the Spiritual Realms
- The Bowl of Light- The 3 Souls in Polynesian Wisdom Traditions
- Holotropic Breathing: Moving toward Wholeness with Stan and Christina Grof

October 9th —– The Biofield, Fascial Fitness, & Bliss – The Lower World

Learn powerful Healing Protocols for self-healing, working with others, and remote healing. Yoga offers strength, peace of mind, & grace to live life in balance and generate the inner power we need to soothe and cleanse the connective tissue, or fascia. The energies that swirl and push around us can cause hormonal, nerve, and joint imbalances, but Yoga practice tunes the body like a tuning fork to the highest frequency and allows us to be a healing presence in the world.

Harmonizing our vibratory levels through sound, flowing movement, and breathwork, we decolonize the body so we can move naturally, organically, the way Nature moves. We unify with the bioelectric field and sacred geometry of the cosmos.

Session highlights:
- The science of Yoga, the vagus nerve, and pineal gland
- Taking Root to Fly: Yoga and Shamanic Wisdom from the Lower World
- Grounding AS the Earth, attuning to the Sun, and feeling the Breath of Ha
- How to restore the magic of wholeness through invocation, insight, & innovation

October 16th — Soul Recovery & Transpersonal Knowing – The Middle World

The basic premise of Soul loss is that whenever we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence escapes the full impact of pain by separating from us in order to survive the experience.

In our expanding multi-dimensional universe, people who suffer from Soul loss often create chaos out of their struggle for wholeness. This quiet occurrence takes the form of a perpetual experience of incompleteness and feelings of disconnection.

We can help ourselves and help others by understanding the dynamics of Soul Loss and how specific rituals and practices recover our True Selves.

Our discussion includes:
- Safe, friendly ways to bring traumatized facets of the Soul back home
- Exploration of the vast cartography of consciousness.
- Ascend and descend on the Scale of Love with Archetypes & Ancestors
- Visionary Yoga rooted in Patanjali’s Sutras & connected to the Cosmos

October 23rd – Yoga for the Ancestral Grand Plan – The Upper World

By letting your inner creator, healer, dancer, and artist come out and play, you’ll discover the joy that comes from feeling and knowing those who came before you, in your lineage, your ancestry. In opening to the epigenetic wisdom of your cells, you gain entry into the deeper mysteries of life. All things hidden, great and small, can become known.

Session highlights:

- The art of restoring our natural divine radiance.
- Calling on your archetypal and ancestral inheritance to meet every challenge
- The Shamanic roots of Yoga: physical, emotional, & intuitive alignments


October 30th – Joyous Yoga Dance! ALL HALLOW’S EVE PARTY

Elevate your Joy in Yoga through Flowing, Creative, Rhythmic, and Ecstatic Dance. Come as Your Personal Favorite Spirit Helper! Come, come, whoever you are!

If you are eager to be, move, and live your full potential, please join the party! With our groundbreaking understanding of how our perceived identity together with how we interpret experiences creates our reality, we can navigate thoughts, actions, reactions, and all those in-between spaces to sustain the most light-filled and wholesome presence and outcomes.

You accelerate your spiritual growth 100% when you show up 100% as your spiritual being. This party will be a gala for the Soul! Don’t miss it!

We are not a sick planet seeking health.

We are healthy beings remembering we are whole systems.

Western medicine tells us we are ill, fragmented, and less than whole. Our livers or thumbs, our fragments, they say, are what cause our pain. We are treated like dissociated anomalies, objectified.

Instead, see how wonderful it feels to be the whole – the eyes, all the organs, fingers, nerves, feet, belly heart and head. The wholeness that rocks us like a warm and loving Mother, the Great Mother, under the cool shade of an ancient fig, the Bodhi tree.

We need never suffer in the old way again. We are never alone or isolated. When we bring the Soul, our wholeness, back home, as Walt Whitman says, “We contain multitudes.”

All classes are offered live online at 10 AM Hawaii time (1 PM PST, 3 PM CST, 4 EST), including 90 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of Group Sharing and Q & A, plus Readings, Links to Replays, and access to an international community of supportive and empathic Souls on our private Soul Medicine Circle Facebook page.

Sign up for the month-long course HERE!

The Shamanic Roots of Yoga: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

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