Yoga & Patanjali's Sutras

Fri, Dec 6, 2019 , Captain Cook HI

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Patanjali’s Sutras & the Peaceful Flow: 8 Limbs in the Classical Tree of Yoga

Enjoy a full-bodied flowing practice that cleanses and enlivens every cell while engaging the highest and deepest levels of your soul. Waking up our epigenetic perceptions, we envision and embody each yoga pose as a gateway to more mindful immersion in the divine, the purpose of Yoga.

• Re-engage with the Foundations of your Asana Practice
• Deepen your understanding of Samyama, the upper three limbs
• Review the Yogic Cycle of Transformation

Samyama means holding together, tying up, binding, and integration. It is the combined simultaneous practice of Dhāraṇā (concentration), Dhyāna (meditation) and Samādhi (union). While the other limbs work to purify the body, prana and the senses, dharana, dhyana and samadhi purify the mind.

Fee: $15 – 20 sliding scale
Call for more details: 808-345-0050

83-5401 Painted Church Road
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Event Location

Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary
83-5401 Painted Church Road
Captain Cook, HI 96704

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