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Earth Pink Healing

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Are you eager for the adventure of a lifetime?

Are you ready to walk your Spirit path for greater health,
empowerment, and embodied inter-being?

Are you willing to evolve your life and deepen the healing of our
families, community, and planet?

Self-Transformation & Yoga Teacher Training Program

Join us in Pathways to Bliss: Soul Medicine for Healing, Empowerment, &
Creating a World that Works for Everyone


Awakened ones say that yes, liberation from suffering is possible, that complete freedom from anguish is available to us. As long as we live lives that reflect our inner goodness, interconnectivity, and the true nature of reality, we are free.

Through Meditation and Yoga, our optimal potential as human beings is for goodness and happiness. Even in the midst of storms and pandemics, all wisdom traditions tell us these practices and rituals give us refuge as well as strength. They develop the stamina, tools, and inspirations to heal ourselves, help others, and renew the planet.

Life has always been a stretch. We are stretched so thin that we may think we don’t have time for the deeper practices of Yoga — or for reversing climate change, or for paying attention to the pain in our belly, to work, to soothing a relationship — attending to it all in a holistic way.

But if we stretch just a little farther, breathe deeply, in the reaching for inner peace, inn spaciousness, and we soften the jaws, and lift the arches just a tad more consciously, we are actually quite skillfully starting a revolution. We are feeling inner sovereignty. We are coming to know what a decolonized body feels like.

To reverse disease of any sort – physical, energetic, social, or planetary — we can learn from ancient wisdom traditions about the Powers of Prana, Light, and Sound.

The world needs our healing powers now more than ever. I invite you to embark on the Pathways to Bliss Online series to stabilize, balance, and receive support for your vitality and sacred embodiment.

Besides enhancing your Meditation, Yoga, Shamanic, and Prayer practices for personal and planetary healing, in this inspiring course you will…

- Awaken fluidity and depth in the spine.
- Learn asana rituals that serve as homeopathic doses of pleasure, balance, strength, & integrity.
- Find Out how and why “Mental Yoga” and “Luminous Body Yoga” works and how they integrate Mantra and Mudra practices to ignite ecstatic Kundalini Yoga states.
- Explore Maps of the luminous Subtle Bodies, the Oversoul and Souls, the Levels of Reality, Relationship Cycles, the 8 Chakras with Magical Mudras, and the Sacred Sounds of Love
- Discover how ancient Yogis, Seers and Shaman have traversed the many worlds and dimensions to assist in the setting and fulfillment of aims and goals.
- Connect or Reconnect with Spirit Helpers, Teachers, and Mentors that give you power, support, & integrity
- Refine your visionary capacities for authentic guidance from Nature’s Dreaming for the Great Healing.

To understand the nature of Sadhana, empowering practices and rituals that engage our spiritual nature, we look at the science behind Yoga and Shamanic rites and how consistent performance of these practices kindles your wisdom fire. It’s easier to develop a personal practice when we know not only the how, but the why of repeating asana, breath, and sonic attunements.

You can feel the illumination and joy that every living being has in potential. Let Evolutionary Yoga Flow open up Pathways to Bliss that awaken, heal, and help the world in profoundly nourishing ways.
Through this course, you’ll reach the highest of holies — peace of mind and body — and that is something we can all share!

Pathways to Bliss YEAR-LONG PROGRAM

In our year-long transformational program, with five months of 4 Online Live Interactive classes in each of five months. During the months between, the program includes one private Yoga or Quantum Healing session, and if you embark on the Teachers’ Course, Resource Reading, Writing, and Yoga Seminar Sessions.

In each 60-minute class and during the 30-minute Satsang, true talking, which follows, Marya will guide you through the essential body-mind-heart-spirit skills you need to fully engage and integrate your Soul’s purpose.

April 3–24: YOGA IN THE SPIRIT WORLDS Spiritual Energy Healing for the Body, Heart & Mind

Register for April Course Here

June 5-26: SOUL MEDICINE FOR DREAMING THE NEW: The Upper Triangle — The Upper 4 Chakras

August 7–28: VISIONARY YOGA FOR THE GREAT HEALING The Lower Triangle – The Upper 4 Chakras

October 2–23: YOGA FOR QUANTUM HEALING & CREATIVITY Becoming a Steward of the Future

December 4–21: CYCLES & CEREMONIES The New Time & New Paradigms

We’ll celebrate this year’s passages with every Yoga Ritual. In 20 Saturday Sessions held over five months, through the Holy Days of Summer Solstice, when the Sun is at its height, and Winter Solstice, when the Darkness is full and the Light starts to grow again, you’ll reconnect with the natural cycles around and inside you.

On December 21st when we celebrate the renewal of the Sun, we will feel at home in our bodies and at home in the world as a Sacred Dancer in the Spirit Worlds.

Register Here for Year-Long Program!

Option 1: Teacher Training:

Includes 30 hours of Online Classes, Class Replays, 10 Meetings with Marya, Additional Online Training, all Resource Readings, and More — Fee: $390

Option 2: Self-Transformation:

Includes 30 hours of Online Classes, Class Replays, 5 Meetings with Marya, and some Resource Readings — Fee: $190

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