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Quantum Leap Creativity: The Renewal Process

QLC is a 5-stage process. We work in partnership with you &/or your organization to customize, design, deliver, & support behaviors which maximize creativity, minimize stress, & align your personal, spiritual, and professional objectives.

The consulting process is a vehicle to leverage your existing needs, talents, & skills within the arenas where you want to focus and achieve your goals. By tapping into the unconscious, 95% more of the mind’s power is unleashed. When aligned with the conscious and superconscious minds, we forge reliable pathways for making multiple “quantum leaps.”

1. Gathering Resources
We start by looking at your needs to develop a set of protocols that address the dynamics of your life & overall change, growth, & action goals.

2. Scoring your “Masterpeace”
Using ancient rituals, practical tools, and skills-building experiences, we assess your physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual well-being to find the inner “blueprint” of your incarnating Oversoul.

3. Secrets of Creation
Through ongoing inquiry of the True Self, the superconscious soul, we shift false beliefs held in the subconscious to establish your most authentic and aligned wisdom as the “path of least resistance.”

4. Light Workouts of the Imagination
Solo, Partnered and Group experiences devoted to mindfulness, optimal learning, and direct applications in lifestyle, relationships, and the workplace deepen and anchor the influence of subconscious changes.

5. Integration and Valuation
The closing session is designed to leverage your transformation by reviewing key concepts, rituals, and tools. We prioritize steps to reinforce your ongoing alignment, happiness, and creativity.

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