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What would your life look like if you were doing work that you love, had the relationships you choose and were completely aligned on all levels, serving the world while fulfilling your true life purpose?

This Quantum Leap Creative Renewal coaching program helps you to re-discover and refine the ultimate work of your being — making your life a work of light, love, and creative well-being — and to manifest it both personally and professionally.

Many people feel split — their personal and professional lives may feel cut-off from their inner lives, or they may sense a disconnect between their bodies, their souls, and their environments. Even though the material and the spiritual aspects of life can seem like two different worlds, it is painful to keep them separate. In truth, the deepest satisfaction comes from healing the split and integrating the varied facets of ourselves.

This consulting, coaching and collaborative experience helps you close the gap standing between the life you idealize and the life you actually live. How?

In 8 sessions with Dr. Mann, you’ll work in partnership with her to customize, design, deliver, & support behaviors which maximize your creativity, minimize stress and bring forth greater personal awareness, more happiness, and deeper inspiration to embody your true vision and intention.

We customize QLC modules to fit your needs. Using a powerful set of practical tools, skills, & experiences to benefit you & your vision, we address physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual realms, then create a “blueprint” for positive feelings & effective functioning.

You’ll learn about the Secrets of Creation, Quantum Vectors, Luminous Energy Field Activation and ways to manage the change process joyfully and effectively.

Contact me for more detail: 808-345-0050

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