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Evolutionary Yoga classes cost $18-20 per session, but you can have three full classes for only $45 with this class card.

Yoga teaches us that everything is connected. What begins in the microcosm of the mind and heart extends all the way through the body and out into the web of life. When the body and mind are in harmony, we move intelligently with a calm sense of joy and gratitude.

Like most spiritual practices, the aim of yoga is not perfect mastery over technique. Nor is it the ability to memorize scriptures and chant eloquently. Rather, yoga is the activity of bringing one’s insights and sensitivities into the world through action that reflects our real core values and principles, unhindered by conditioned beliefs and inherited prejudices.

In Evolutionary Yoga, we look to the future we are choosing as much as the past which was handed to us, in search of cues and insights about how to live harmoniously in the now. The present moment is still the power point, the axis of power, the choice and possibility for creating a world that works for everyone. From an evolved perspective, we can do it!

For more detail on Gentle Yoga, Evolutionary Yoga Flow and Yoga Solutions, contact Marya Mann at 808-345-0050.

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