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When this marvelous book came out, I had many reasons for celebration. Having my essay, “Quantum Kin: Creative Communities in the New Time,” included in the book, was of course an honor. Then, as I read other contributions to this remarkable anthology – the Dalai Lama on “Compassion in Action,” Patricia Sun on “The Evolutionary Leap,” and Huston Smith on “The News of Eternity” – I realized Healing Our Planet is truly a handbook for making an effective, conscious, and joyous 21st Century and beyond.

Inside the cover: These brilliant contributors bring together quantum physics, leading edge medicine, social activism, mysticism, the arts, case histories, and the outer limits of science and systems thinking to paint a multi-faceted vision of the future, and how it will affect you personally.

Other Authors include:

  • Ram Dass on “Coming Down from the Mountain”
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen on “Women’s Circles Ripple Into Peace”
  • Neal Donald Walsch on “Tomorrow’s God in Action”
  • Darryl Hannah on “Living Consistent With Your Values”
  • Deepak Chopra on “Heroes of Ordinary Life”
  • Edward Viljoen on “Every Problem a Prayer”

I feel so much enthusiasm for this book, given our moment in history, that I encourage you not only to buy this book, but to buy a second and third copy for friends. They will be eternally grateful. Dawson Church, the award-winning editor of the anthology, observes, “We’ve always suspected a connection between our individual wellness and the health of our global ecosystems. Healthy people can’t thrive on a sick planet. What this book does is show for the first time, what some of the precise mechanisms are by which the two are connected.” You’ll discover some of the most astonishing, simple, profound and challenging visions of where humankind as a planetary species is heading, and what it means for every breath you yourself take in the next year and beyond.

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