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Clematis - Journey to the Temple of Knowledge inherent in every flower, cloud, person, and mountain. Journey to your soul's purpose


You are the master of your destiny. Through alignment with the clear mind within, your intention to be a good person, to be healthy, successful, creative, and in right relationship with all people, you walk your true life path.

You become aware of your heart’s passion and learn the steps to fulfill your life purpose in this recording. You’ll be guided to the ancient Temple of Knowledge where you see the attitudes and thoughts that may obscure your truth. You will also transform subtle beliefs that may be holding you back, and clearly choose wise action for the next three days, three months, and three years.

To keep clear your commitment to your true life path, you’ll want to listen and absorb this powerful guided visualization by Dr. Marya. Find a comfortable place, relax, listen, and be renewed.


You long to know where you came from, why you’re here, and where you are going. Right now, you can visit the TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE, by tapping into the power of your superconscious mind, with simple, direct, easy-to-follow instructions on a new Mp3 from Dr. Marya and the Loom of Love. Experience the inner renewal of the Tree of Your Life! Find your true life path in your Temple of Inner Knowledge.

Wondering how to organize the many choices life has to offer? Sometimes much of our stress comes from not being clear about our personal path. By fostering your center of inner knowing, you can feel a calm pure heart, harmony, prosperity, and god will right now, and in every facet of life.

“Yeah, on another planet!” some may say. No. Here and now.

This is one gift you can give yourself and others this holiday season that reaches into the transpersonal dimension and helps you organize the calm coherence and spiritual integration you know is the real you. This one step in focus, which re-establishes the internal locus of control, makes everything else in life make more sense.

Through guided visualization, with a clear mind within and the intention to be a good person – all easily established in the spoken instructions — you access the sacred codes written in the “Akashic records,” a vast storehouse of superconscious understanding.

You learn the nature of your own mind, and enter the mental realm where thoughts, words, and deeds are recorded over all our lifetimes. This temple is accessible to anyone committed to living in truth and generating harmony. If we vow to transmute discordant thoughts within and visualize fulfilling our creative potential, we become free of habits of conflict, anger, confusion, and discord.

Find your INNER TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE, the most trusted resource. Access your inner wisdom, utilizing the “JOURNEY TO THE TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE,” a guided visualization in which Dr. Marya guides you to integrate body and energy, through the power of imagination.

You can learn skills from teachers, family and friends, pore over newspapers and manuscripts, care for children and community, or travel the world to savor or save freedom, but there is only one place each of us can really call home. Our own conscious awareness.

When the four-fold energy of body, heart, mind, and spirit come into harmony using this simple guided visualization, you engage the soul. From the soul’s perspective of eternity, you know where you came from and where you are going. The visions and kinaesthetic apparatus are encoded in your DNA, which awaken during this JOURNEY TO THE TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE.

During the guided visualization, you release obstacles, set goals for the coming times, and engage all dimensions so that your highest inner wisdom becomes the path of least resistance.

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