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Immediate relief is at your fingertips with this relaxing guided meditation. Simply download the digital file here to be directed to a guided meditation that is yours for life. If you suffer from stress, worry, or sleeplessness, this amazing guided meditation soothes your body, brain, and heart, so they reflect more of who you really are.

Listening to this 13-minute Orientation to Essence helps you to regulate emotions quickly and optimize your ability to sleep well, integrate new experiences, and rejuvenate your whole being. While there is no magic bullet for stress, you’ll feel better after just one practice because listening puts you in touch with feelings of ease and safety in the core of your body.

Daily guided practices like Orientation to Essence produce positive brain changes immediately, but it is consistent use that gives you the long-term support for making meaningful changes. They dispel states of fear, anger, doubt, and low self-esteem —- feelings that contract the body and make it harder for the mind to make positive brain change.

People from all walks and stages of life who have suffered from deep trauma or ordinary stress find this meditation helps them to take charge of their lives again. By bringing back a felt sense of being protected, safe, and free from worry and pain, you feel wholesome and well.

You just have to listen once, but try it daily before sleep for a week — even better, for a month — and any time you want to calm down. The hardest part is daily practice, but after you sit or lie down and begin the process, you’ll instantly feel more comfortable in your own skin, your mind will clear, and your Essence will give everything you do more authenticity, clarity, and confidence.

Enjoy, and stay well, safe, and happy!

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