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Relationships are the backbone of life.

Most of us were never taught how to inhabit them, how to have even one healthy relationship, and yet we’re expected make them magically happen.

How great it would be to have the foundations for healthy relationships hard-wired inside ourselves! Then all around us, the harmony and beauty of life would be expressed in the joy we feel with beloveds. In all our relationships — with everyone, with Mother Earth, and with the world of spirit — we feel satisfied and grateful.

Relationship Balances show us the way. They nourish your creative spark, where the source of your relationship needs and gifts reside.

Relationship Balances bring alignment and coherence to how we love, work, and evolve.

Through a Relationship Balance, you’ll learn ways to shape these meaningful relationships to better reflect what you desire.

You’ll discover how to inhabit your body and connect to a deeper way of being that will uplift all your interactions with others as well as redefine how you make contact and relate to facets of consciousness.

In a Relationship Balance, we collaborate to address 12 energy points in the body. Energy pathways running the span and breadth of your being, may be congested because of past experience.

First, we scan the bodymind for patterns of congestion and weakness. Then, we clear and balance the energy flows. Finally, we imprint new flow patterns to redirect the energy toward the relationships we truly want, and the spiritual wisdom that sustains us.

Besides psychological, emotional, and mental shifts, the physical redirection of energy shifts our body in powerful ways too: it brings back the natural immune response, improves cardiovascular flow, and affects the energy meridians, nadis, and fields that radiate through and around the body.

Here’s the key: The Relationship Balance helps you to re-focus your inner wisdom and energy on your true purpose for greater harmony, health, and happiness in all your relationships.

The Relationship Balance helps you to…
-establish safe space and respected boundaries.
-formulate what you want out of relationships.
-release, clear and transform old habit patterns.
-transform impediments into stepping stones, where personal issues with others are welcome reminders of who we are and what we choose.
-remember your wholesome and positive self-regard, which is the underpinning of intimacy and communications at all levels.

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to find rapport and trust in all your closest relationships! You will learn how to create a joyful sense of safety that will help you to feel more at ease with both difficult issues and in the full range of happiness and pleasure available to you.

Are you ready to feel more freedom in relationships?

Are you ready to understand the lessons to be learned in every relationship?

Are you ready for a clearer perspective?

Do you value your relationships with spouse, lover, parents, children, spouses, friends, and co-workers?

The Relationship Balance is a confidential, effective process that allows you to have better relationships in all arenas, including the most important relationship, the one you have with yourself. We focus energy on what you want in life, then literally grow new brain pathways to make your wholesome vision the path of least resistance.

Put simply, there are three levels of consciousness. The subconscious, the conscious, and the superconscious. Subconscious beliefs can direct energy to feelings, behaviors, and situations you don’t want. By using the conscious mind and superconscious spirit to reframe and reset subconscious false beliefs, we restore balance and harmony in the mind, body, and soul.

Are you ready for the refreshment of new love in relationship with your partner, an art project, a job, a garden, your education, the spirit world, your family, or the lover you choose to have in your life in the near future?

What happens in most somatic and psychological therapies is that they separate the body and mind. In a Relationship Balance, we draw from the principles of Yoga, Energy Medicine, and Journeywork to address the bodymind together, to find how the physical layering of belief in the body, in the subconscious, may be holding you back simply because you are unaware of subconscious patterns.

Some belief patterns held in the subconscious give us results we don’t want, and we can change that. The beliefs about our particular partner, workmate, or significant other may also be false, and leading you or him/her to do things we don’t want. Discovery of perceptions behind behavior leads to real healing.

Love Yourself. Love the World.

It takes courage sometimes to look at ourselves and shine a spotlight on where may have innocently installed a belief in the depths of inner time and the psychic system. It’s important to have a good spiritual detective on our side, to help guide where the subconscious has walled off pools of paralysis.

But we can find subconscious patterns, stalled as pools of unfelt tension in the body and mind. When stirred, they release energy that can be funneled into the superconscious level as fuel for the journey.

In the lightened state, the false notion or withheld emotion can become a gateway, a signpost, or a symbol for the transformation your higher self is choosing for you.
The rewards of this released energy are too great to let fear hold us back.

We use simple Yoga movements and PSYCH-K, NLP, and Insight Meditations to affirm and complete the Relationship Balance. It’s like magic, but it’s also good science. It’s also good for all your relationships.

Ask if you’d like more detail. Call 808-345-0050.
Sessions occur in my office, via Skype, or seaside at the Refuge Temple in Hawaii.

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