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Indigenous Yoga engages us in soothing, healing, and initiatory experiences that reclaim our essence, strengthen us as impeccable warriors for peace, and invigorate the three levels of our soul cluster.

Discover how ancient Yogis, Seers and Shaman have traversed the many worlds and dimensions in this three-hour workshop that awakens fluidity and depth in the spine while refining our visionary capacities to guide us in the Great Transition.

The beloved Hawaiian Kahuna Hale Kealohalani Makua taught that there are three kapu, or gateways, for the spiritual warrior. These three openings provide authentic pathways for developing your skill in navigating the three levels of the dreaming world.

- Receive an overview of the worlds of spirit traversed by sages for millennia.
- Explore Ways of Dreaming, including options for “mental yoga” that integrates body and souls.
- Reconnect with Spirit Helpers, Teachers, and Mentors that give you power, support, & integrity
- Journey to the Upper World through poses that empower your connection to your Oversoul
- Develop greater mastery of your primordial soul, conscious soul, and spiritual soul.
- Receive a handout on visionary breathwork, journey methods, and resources for further study.

Cross-cultural teachings about the Dreaming of Nature have given us insights into the upper four limbs on the Tree of Yoga and help to unify us in a state of love and light-heartedness. Exploring the three sacred kapu of the spiritual warrior and connecting with your Spirit Guide, your Oversouls’ teacher and caretaker, will inspire a whole new way of practicing and understanding the roots of classical Yoga. In a sacred journey to the future, you’ll meet descendants who help us to heal ourselves, each other, and our beautiful Earth.

Your inner peace, truth, and courage are great gifts to the world, and there’s no better place to nurture these qualities than at Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary, seven acres of peaceful beauty nestled in the heart of South Kona overlooking Kealakekua Bay and the National Park Place of Refuge. Numerous shrines and statues honor many religions and traditions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism. Taoism, and Hinduism.

WHEN: Saturday, November 23rd, 1–4 pm, Workshop on Soul Medicine: Yoga in the Spirit Worlds — Learn 3 Sacred Kapu of the Spiritual Warrior & Soul Cluster Empowerment

83-5401 Painted Church Road
Directions & More Events at

FOR DETAILS: Call Marya at Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness @ 808-345-0050

PLAN AHEAD: Friday, December 6th, 9:30 – 11 AM: Patanjali’s Sutras & the Peaceful Flow: 8 Limbs in the Classical Tree of Yoga

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