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Energy Healing for the Upper Triangle – Chakras 4-8

Discover the Heart of Healing

With Author, Yoga Teacher, and Quantum Healer, Founder of Evolutionary Yoga Flow, Marya Mann

Do you feel your authentic power to move your body with strength, your mind with ease, and your spirit with grace? Or do you feel drained by the current state of our planet?

Do you know how to regenerate your vitality with spiritual purpose and nourishment, in service to the evolution of your Soul? Or do you fear the problems are just too big to solve?

Are you ready to discover and deepen your personal and interpersonal empowerment and update your ability to regenerate yourself for a happier, healthier life? Or do feel it’s just too hard to be in a community and take responsibility for healing and renewal?

Our families and the Earth need every one of us to be clear, clean, and useful, and to embrace our Souls’ true purpose. And we can. As soon as we grasp master the principles, movements, rituals, and ceremonies of sages, shaman, and medicine who found the ways to liberation and enlightenment could be shared and passed down to their descendants — you and me.

When you master the steps, you can access the limitless expanses of consciousness, where you find guidance in your own awareness, in the imaginal realms. Authentic power generated by Yogis and made into legends by shaman and storytellers offers you healing and creativity beyond the limits of your conditioned mind and body.

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This learning has huge benefits. In this month-long course, you’ll learn to:

-Develop the physical body as an expression of the Soul’s purpose.
-Align subconscious, conscious, and superconscious states – the three levels of Dreaming — to rejuvenate authentic experience of your Divine Intelligence.
-Clear and tune up the upper Chakras, energy wheels along the spine, to open the essential pathways that animate vital energies. (In the August course, we will focus on Chakras 1-4)
- Feel the sensuous interconnections within Nature that soothe and nourish us while we extend healing vitalities into the web of life.
- Carry out your Soul’s wisdom with the specific beliefs, people, and actions that will repel the destructive energies of the patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, and racism.
- Journey to the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds of Dreaming as Shamans and Indigenous people have done for millennia.
-Take the Quantum Leap to know, live, and enjoy your extraordinary Life…

The Soul Medicine you will receive is a way to deepen and inspire your evolution and develop new approaches to living the life your Oversoul meant for you to live. As we develop greater alignment physically and energetically through Hatha and Tantric Yoga practices, we mobilize our natural Divine radiance.

Physical and mental Yoga sequences, together with Shamanic empowerments that connect us with the 8 Directions and 8 Dimensions essential to bond with the powers of Nature, reawaken your Source, your Oversoul.

This is the most important work any of us can do in any lifetime. To make the journey as meaningful and effortless as possible, you’ll receive extraordinary, concise support from a devoted teacher who has inspired thousands of people for more than three decades.

In these quantum teachings, your will receive:

- Six hours of Live Interactive Online Yoga Training.
- Replays of Classes to view whenever you like.
- Notes and questions on each class to deepen your understanding.
- One-half hour private session with Marya on any topic you desire, and this time can be used for a Quantum Energy Balance.
- Handouts on Visionary breathwork, Sacred Garden journey methods, and Resources for further study. Includes precise ways to tend and befriend the thoughts, feelings, and energies that form barriers to your freedom and wisdom.
- Access to our private Soul Medicine Facebook group for interaction and sharing with course participants.
- Practical tools and opportunities for nourishing and assisting the planet for the regeneration we envision.

You’ll be part of an international community that envisions a positive future for all. Be on the leading edge of a global movement of people manifesting a world grounded in principles of love, cooperation, discipline, harmony, and reverence for all life.


All Live Online Classes on Saturdays at 10 AM HST (1 pm PST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 8 AM NZ)

June 5 – Finding our True Nature in Nature:
Reconnecting Radiant Flows, 8 Chakras, and Nature’s Dreaming

June 12 – Divine Sensations, Feelings, & the Inner Garden
Chakra 7 – Electrical Health, Continuum, and Dream Recall

June 19 – Before Summer Solstice: Greeting the Sun/Son
Chakra 6 -Waking up to the Web of Light in the Fertile Darkness

June 26 – Hawaiian Voices of Wisdom
Chakra 5 – Po, Pohaku, and the Rock People

Open to the Spirit Realms for Healing and Guidance with Marya Mann.

Register for all four classes in June, Saturdays at 10 am HST (1 pm PST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST)

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Together, this month of Saturday classes expand our potential to align with the Elements, Energies and Dimensions of the Natural World. The explorations and empowerments help us to realize that each animal, person, plant, and situation is a perfect response to its situation. Nature doesn’t make mistakes.

By meeting the more-than-human world as one family, we invite stability and clarity in the midst of the radical changes we are going through. We belong. Our wakefulness and aliveness are what we need to meet the challenges of this tender time with kindness and wisdom.

If you want to…

— rise up in the unshakeable nobility of your soul.
— Take responsibility for your inner Divinity.
— Allow every person to express the gifts they carry.
— Be open to Divine Interventions.
— Regenerate your electromagnetic health, uplift your creativity, and flourish despite being in the Sixth Age of Extinction
— Know the Love, Light, & Presence of your 3 Souls, Your Sacred Garden, and Spirit Allies
— Become aware of your Soul Lineage, Family Lineage, Affinity Lineasges & Soul Pods Know your Aumakua, Ancestors, and Mentor Merit Field – as your authentic guidance through troubled times.
— Stay strong to work for the victory of justice and compassion in every corner of the world.
— Live in your radiance as a Way of Life.
— Grow up as co-creators with the Divine to innovate a new way of being and doing.
— Free yourself to live and express creativity in all that you do.
— Be a part of the greatest revolution of all, one that can birth a wholly new way of being and doing everything—and a new world for all sentient beings—the Renaissance of Love.

Throughout this live video course, you’ll harness your Intuition to become a vessel for healing. As you transmute life’s challenges through empowerment, surrender, self-care, and centering techniques, you’ll discover how the intersection of intuition and healing awakens an inner feeling of being more at home in your own heart, bones, nerves, and soft tissues.

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