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Sunset Activation


Interview by Marya Mann

Francene Hart, whose work has been widely published in books and magazines, is an internationally recognized visionary artist. Her creations hang in the homes of art collectors and grace the offices of healers and seekers around the planet. Her artwork on greeting cards quickly become collector’s items and the two card decks with books she has created, Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path and Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, are transforming lives.

Summoned by spirit in 2001 to the Big Island of Hawai’i, 2500 miles from the West Coast, she now paints, swims, and lives her bliss on the beloved land and sea of this gentle volcanic island.

The “Language of Light” has become Francene’s major contemplation. The reason we remember Beethoven’s music is that his notes hit so many chords and rhythms natural to the human heart. We remember Francene Hart’s paintings because her forms and colors reflect and awaken the visionary heart. Through her use of universal forms, the sacred “Language of Light,” the viewer’s heart finds new dimension.

I spoke with her as the subdued Hawaiian sky twinkled a shy, then bright light on the lanai near the garden and her studio overlooking Kealakekua Bay. It was so refreshingly quiet you could almost hear the Rose of Sharon, noni fruit, and fennel growing their orbs, triangles, and pleasing Fibonacci curves so prevalent in her work.

PART ONE: Learning the Language of Light

Marya: Thank you for inviting me to your sanctuary and painting studio. You have a wonderful view. Tell me what we’re seeing here outside your beautiful sliding glass door, looking out on the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean?

Francene: We have a gorgeous view, Manini Beach and Keei Point. And then on a clear day you can actually see South Point.

Marya: Beautiful. So, we’re facing southwest?

Francene: Yes.

Marya: Is this the area that you were thinking about when you painted “Sunset Activation”?

Francene: Yes, actually, “Sunset Activation” was inspired by a birthday party of a friend of mine. We were at the City of Refuge and looking at this beautiful sunset. There were storm clouds to the north and rainbows to the South. Occasionally I use crop formations in the paintings. And part of my idea in doing that is to see what happens when I incorporate one of the crop glyphs, which have all been Sacred Geometry in the last few years, into my paintings. “Sunset Activation” has a combination of Egyptian and Mayan glyphs, and particularly when I was working on that painting, there were several times that I was painting along and I just had this feeling of being rushed through time or shifting through time.

Marya: While you were painting?

Francene: Yes, and it was amazing. Of course, it was quite appropriate because the Mayan’s were considered master time keepers, so’


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