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Enjoy the Gifts of Energy for yourself and our sweet beautiful Earth.

Move through a full-body, full-spectrum Yoga celebration.

Invite the Sun’s powerful Solstice rays to supercharge the cosmic energy of Prana.

In this Saturday’s free Yoga event, our purpose is to serve all living things by tuning into our original energy. Connecting deep inside ourselves and with the larger fields of intelligence and devotion, we cultivate the power, clarity, radiance, and inspiration to spark DEEP HEALING FOR HUMANITY.

Step into the pleasurable field of the infinite life-force and join with others who realize our movements, dances, thoughts, and intentions form the foundations for positive change. As we awaken, we realize our profound potential to serve our planet – our mountains, seas, bees, and all living things. We transmute anger into love, shame and blame into gratitude, and pain into the pleasure of knowing we are using our authentic power for the greater good.

Free up your energy in this free Yoga Dance gathering. Awaken your intuition and feel the joy that is healing our bodies, minds, Souls, and our planet this Saturday at 10 am Hawaii time (12 pm PST | 2 pm MST | 3 pm ET).

Uplifting music, feel-good stretch, potent asana, creative dance, gentle meditation, and the connection to life that will supercharge and prepare you not only for the holiday season, but for the Great Awakening in the months to come.

If you can’t be there live on Saturday, the on-demand replay link will be available to you for simply signing up.

Anyone can do this. No previous experience is necessary.

Please pre-register for FREE here. Below, click “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout.”

I look forward to seeing you there and being part of the Great Awakening together!


P. S. This is a very special time of year. All of our ancestors in every part of the globe knew that Winter Solstice attunements carried profound healing energy. This resetting of the celestial star-clock marks a new era, the time of the Great Awakening, the Great Healing, the Great Shift, and the Great Turning.

What does that mean for you?

Please join us to explore how your personal action transforms the world and sets the tone for a healthy humanity, a regenerating planet, and a prosperous future.


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