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Yoga for a Radiant Body

Yoga restores our natural radiance from the inside out, allowing more wholesome integrity in body, mind, and spirit, and throughout our lives. This master class shows you how to clear away unhealthy bacteria and remove old toxins from the organs and toxic thoughts from the energy field.

This is a great set to practice if you have stomach issues or are taking antibiotics. It gives energy to our soothe the entire thoracic spine and rib cage while relaxing neck, shoulders, lower back, and the viscera. It works wonders for losing weight.

Gentle attunement & toning in this focused class will rejuvenate digestive, nervous, & cardio-vascular systems through asana, mudra, mantra, & breathwork. Most importantly, Yoga for a Radiant Body ignites our innate prana, giving more vitality to everything we feel, do, think and say, and thus, to our world. Balancing inner and outer worlds is one of the major keys to Yoga’s amazing benefits.

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