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Silhouette Hands of Light


Saturday, April 22, 2017, 1 – 4 pm

“Free up your meridians, uplift your merriment, and empower your manifestation.”

Connect with your deepest healing and wholeness!

Hands-on assistance during yoga practice can be amazing and vital tool for helping yoga students and friends find deeper alignment, enriching relaxation, more stability, and greater strength and length.

Receiving a precise, gentle hands-on assist can communicate the depth and breadth of sacred movement, sometimes more clearly than words.

Partner-assisted yoga is an opportunity to help everyone gain deeper union in a pose as well as more understanding of some of the finest arts of yoga, which have been largely forgotten.

Partner assistance doesn’t mean anything is wrong; it means we are ready to go deeper, melt our rigidity, and extend toward a higher, wiser, more expanded sense of who we are.

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