Earth Day is Every Day

hands on earth

As the Full Moon journeyed across the night sky last week, radiating her Libra beauty, reminding me of friends like you, I could not sleep. Watching her moonwalk with asteroids by her side, I began thinking about how we, while physically apart, are viewing the same sky dance. This weekend’s two holidays, Easter and Earth Day, bond us too, no matter what political, religious, or scientific creed we ascribe to.

Full Moon, Easter, and Earth Day all celebrate the one masterpiece – Nature. Nature gives us life even when we hurt Her. We draw boundaries and build walls, but we are never separate. From the greening of trees, the rumbling of rivers, and the breath of all creatures, we feel Nature’s powerful energy.

Breathe in deeply and celebrate this: you breathe in 10 to the power of 22 atoms every time you breathe, says Deepak Chopra. Think about that. With each outbreath, you breathe out 10 to the power of 22 atoms. Atoms from inside every single cell of your body are exiting and entering others, so we are intimately sharing our organs with each other. We share the same breath. We share the same body.

We have at least a million atoms right now that were once in the body of Mary Magdalen, Buddha, Moses, or Mohammad. We share breath with every other living species on this planet: an African tree, a farmer in South Dakota, a cow in Delhi, a cook in Bangkok, a rainbow in the Australian outback. Our bodies are filled with the energies of refugees, enlightened monks, the waters of the Amazon, the pueo of Hawai’i and the monstera leaves outside my window. Our bodies recycle the energies of the world. We are family, intimate with the rest of the universe. We are one process, one sweep of life, one stream of loving awareness, and the more we embrace this truth, the better our Full Moons, Easters, and Earth Days will be in the future.

Mother nature is kind, powerful and loving. She gives us a home and beautiful connections that boost our life force. When I go out into my small garden and devote time to benefit her, I am humbled. Taking off my shows to feel the soil with my bare feet, the Earth soul comes up through the soles of my feet. I reach down with my tap roots, from my feet to her center, and I am awed by the tenderness that draws me to Her, the sweetness of the sap she sends up into my legs, belly, heart and head.

I look around at the mango and papaya trees, the palms and taro plants. They are our lungs. If those trees did not breathe, we would not breathe. The oceans, rivers, and waters are our circulation. And our bodies and the earth’s body are recycling everything right this moment. We are kin, we are kindling for the firelight that began at the dawn of the world. We are kind. We are kindred spirits.

I salute you! I salute the Earth! Shine bright, Earth spirits!


Please join us for Yoga! Human beings are inseparable from the natural world, co-evolving with all of life. In order to thrive, we need to nourish this bond. Evolutionary Yoga nourishes the bond.


Know the joy of your True Nature. When you know who you really are, unconditional love centers you in your heart. Your natural radiance glows.
With asana, pranayama, chanting, Tibetan bowls, & heavenly meditations
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