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E Komo Mai!

If you want to relax into wellness, re-focus, rejuvenate, deepen your understanding of yourself, learn Quantum Healing methods and discover more core aliveness, you’ve come to the right place. This is a Sanctuary for your Soul.

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Embark on a healing, transformational journey to tap inner wisdom and let the quantum field help you assemble the ideal set of allies, skills, resources, meditations and tools to manifest your quantum truth, health and creativity.

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Quantum Healing Consultations include a recording of your personalized Sanctuary of the Soul Meditation for Total Energy Balance.

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Custom PSYCH-K, Quantum Healing and Creativity sessions — in-office, via Skype or phone and Spirit of Hawaii Living Arts Custom Journeys and Retreats in Hawaii offer you TRANSFORMATION.

Loom of Love Products offer you Guided Total Energy Balance recordings!

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Come to Hawaii for your Quantum Healing! Custom “Spirit of Hawaii” Living Arts Journeys include treks in nature, to sacred sites and swimming with dolphins!

Call now: Kona Coast Wellness – 808.328-0171 or click here to send an E-mail to Marya

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