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The world needs your talents.

Embark on a healing, transformational journey to stir the true purpose of you, tap your inner wisdom, and assemble the ideal set of skills to manifest your quantum truth!

Whether you want to relax into health, re-focus, rejuvenate, deepen your understanding of yourself, become a teacher or discover more core aliveness, Quantum Healing offers you — yogis, artists, seekers, entrepreneurs and dancers — mindbody training for TOTAL ENERGY BALANCE … personally and professionally, locally and globally.

We Welcome You to KONA COAST WELLNESS E Komo Mai…

“Spirit leads to form. When form is imbued with Spirit, a dance happens. A new possibility is born. That’s Quantum Healing: we encourage the possibility to become a probability wave that changes everything. You can’t go altogether back to disease or dread after the new movement toward health and happiness has happened. And you set up a trajectory for health. The doctors of the future will not use external pills. They will use Medicine Movements and Thought Meditations that re-engage all the possibilities of Spirit. Distance Quantum Healing sessions awaken such Medicine.”

— Dr. Marya Mann, Author, Energy Healer, Creative Arts Specialist, Yoga Dancer

PSYCH-K sessions, Yoga Classes in Hawaii, Quantum Healing Consultations and LOOM OF LOVE

These services, products and events bring together the healing energies of Hawaii Island with the joyful attitude that “ENERGY IS MEDICINE,” and help you integrate, yoga, dance and the science of mind to engage accelerated healing, better relationships and enhanced prosperity.

Balanced Life Consulting gives you peace, joy and calmness, increases your confidence and helps you find out what’s holding you back, gives you steps to release congestion and anchors the unleashed energy so you can enjoy the spring forward.

Your journey awaits!

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Custom Quantum Creativity and Yoga Dance Retreats in Hawaii are systematic trainings in hundreds of unique rituals, yoga sequences, movements and fluid dances to empower your core and establish grace and freedom in your personal life, work and community.

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