11/12 Emotions & Manifestation | Yoga & Climate Change, Part 3

manasa and atman

SACRED MOMENTS There is a sense of magic in some prayers. They move us beyond the superficial words to the depths of our inner worlds. Speak aloud this traditional Ute prayer, an invocation to the world of the spirits. Feel the soothing sounds and visual images settle into you. Let your nervous system feel their subtle effects, savoring the prayer’s meaning. “Earth teach me stillness, as the grasses are stilled with light. Earth teach me more

10/31 Halloween & Our Ancestors | Yoga for Happiness

Halloween 2

Halloween may have lost much of its spiritual significance for costumed Trick or Treaters and candy-stuffed nightwalkers, but Celtic and Druidic traditions of the harvest, feasting, and meeting up with the ancestors have survived for a lucky few. In Hawaii, this is the start of Makahiki, a three-month-long celebration when regional clans complete the harvest, put aside status and rivalries, lay down their swords, and feast, make art, serve offerings, play games, and aim communal more

10/21 The Uncertainty of Being & Shraddha: Knowing, Not Knowing, & Saving Our Planet

network earth

In the spiritual and socio-cultural experiments that matter most in today’s fast-changing world, among the most important is the exploration of consciousness that will either guide us to deep and abiding change or into the mouth of the global-heating beast. Every time we sit down for meditation, take a silent walk in the woods, or step on our yoga mat for asana practice, we are engaging in the sacred conversation that leads us to reconnecting more

10/17 Explore the Healing Matrix with Fascial Fitness

Wheel of Healing

New Workshop & Master Classes | Free Gift for Early Registration How do you become the change that is needed in your life —- and in the world? On and off the mat, Yoga is a powerful path to becoming more radiantly healthy, spiritually awake, and passionately engaged. If you’d like to move beyond poses — and explore the depth and breadth of this cutting-edge yet ancient holistic practice — — join us for a more


Group of light bearers holding hands from under

As people all over the Earth begin to wake up to the climate emergency and demand change, and in honor of all the children of the Earth who are inheriting our only planet, let’s look honestly at our predicament. While climate change is an ecological issue, an economic issue, and a social issue, we know that human actions expressing the human heart are really at its root. Climate change then, is an ethical issue. Climate more

9/4 Staying True | Mauna Kea Volunteer Sonny Ganaden

Sonny Ganaden

Aloha Kakou! The Hawaiian people and Mauna Kea protectors resisting the TMT are setting a stellar example of pacific resistance by staying true. They are true to the lineages of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and countless activists whose devotion to non-violent civil disobedience has changed history. It was all women on the front line who linked arms and were prepared to face arrest, or permanent injury, on July 17th as they blocked the start more

8/29 Yoga for Your Natural State

Aloha Noble Yogis, Activists, and Friends! I trust you’re doing all you can to create a sustainable, happy world. I’m planning tomorrow’s Evolutionary Yoga Flow practice at Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary and wanted to send you a personal invitation to join us. And, to give you more energy for the journey, I also want to share my simple 12-word description of what Yoga is: Touching Nature tenderly with roots in the Earth, reaching for the more

8/26 Sing for the Butterflies of Brazil

lighted tree

We are tender-hearted creatures. We hurt and cry, and if we’re lucky, we acknowledge experience, bear reality with dignity, and then we move on to make corrections, laugh again, cuddle, and “sing the song of the voice of the forest,” like the first peoples of Brazil do. But how do we suffer with dignity when the forest and our entire planet seems to be on fire? When the charred fear and grief feel too heavy more

8/5 And the Energy Shifted

Hina goddess of moon

In the ocean of generosity, the world is for the great untying, the unwinding of knots that bound us at birth and finally unfurl at dying. Here, all the bullets flow back into guns, all guns melt down with hate, spite, bitterness, and greed in the wisdom fires of pure energy. Here, by the streams leading to the gentle ocean, that energy reappears as inspired Seeing and everyone dreams awake the new time. Here, we more


Native Hawaiian kupuna lined up in protest

KONA, HAWAIIJULY 30, 2019 The desecration of our biosphere has sparked a rip-roaring, thundering, hurricane-swirling, flooding, fire-starting, hot, cold, careless, climate crisis. This is at the heart of the issues which disturb the peace of many Native Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian protectors — known as kia’i, caretakers, watchmen, guardians of the peace – who are defending Maunakea. From its base on the ocean floor to its summit above the clouds, Maunakea measures more than more
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