6/18 Summer Solstice Peace & Prayer | Mauna Kea, Indigenous Wisdom, & Yoga

ho okupu on mauna kea

CHIEF ARVOL LOOKINGHORSE’S VISION TO PROTECT SACRED SITES Following the birth of a White Buffalo Calf in 1994, the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations— Arvol Looking Horse, was directed to honor the Four Directions with ceremony on Summer Solstice/June 21st. According to Lakota Star Knowledge, the birth of “Miracle,” a female white buffalo, signaled a time of Earth changes and the coming of The Mending of more

6/3 Friends, Frenemies, Trust, and Terrorism

friends dancing

A friend. What does a friend really mean to us? Is it defined by how two or more people weave themselves in and out of love? Is a friend someone who we can rely on when we’re in need, or is it someone who challenges us to be stronger, or both? I am remembering a client, a friend, who came to me recently with very unpleasant associations around her friends. It seemed her friends were more

5/7 The Soul of Touch: How to Heal Ourselves & Heal the World

Group Pranayam on Lava

During the last four months, some very brave souls ventured into an arena where they faced their fears and vulnerabilities to go deeper in discovering of who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going. My soul had given me the ridiculously hard job of not only talking about how we define, treat, and enjoy touch in our culture, but had suggested that I offer four seminars on the subject. Soon came a set more

4/2 Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater | Music for the Heart

Carlos and Peter photo

Pianist/Composer Peter Kater and Native American Flutist R. Carlos Nakai will be playing in concert on Wednesday, April 5th, at Kahilu Theater in Waimea at 7:00 pm. With 24 Grammy Award nominations combined, the celebrated musicians have been collaborating for 25 years and have enchanted audiences all over the world. Their virtuoso blend of indigenous and classical melodies has produced some of the most memorable and ground-breaking recordings in the New Age and World Music more

3/24 Yogassage | Prayer Pose | Touch of Healing


Namaste, Noble Friend! Do you want to improve your life and the lives of those around you? Do you want to stay in touch with your authentic self, connected with your deepest wisdom, while connecting deeply with others? In two days, you can learn Yogassage skills to grow the greater good. Evolutionary Yoga takes you on the adventure of a lifetime. Read now how Anjali Mudra and Yogassage cultivate your joy, creativity, and compassion, and more

3/15 Moves To Live By | Evolutionary Yoga

yogassage photo duet

MOVES TO LIVE BY: Yogassage III How do YOU grow wisdom and joy? Feel more love? Gain knowledge? Serve others? Swim, sing, clean house, take a swim, meditate, enjoy friends, hike, garden, write letters, write a book, paint, protest, dance, work out? Regardless of what your favorite up-wiser and energy lifter is, the one universal key in all these levitators is that we do them in a body, the vehicle, the instrument, and the sanctuary more

2/26 The Art of Touch | Surface and Depth


THE ART OF TOUCH- SURFACE AND DEPTH I like to say I have a photographic memory. I just haven’t developed it yet. That’s why I’m so meticulous in planning and delivering classes, seminars, and presentations in the arts of Yoga, Loving Communications, and Yogassage. I don’t want to forget anything; having the tools for creating peace in the world at our fingertips, it’s probably a good idea to pause and write things down. Here is more

2/19 Extraordinary Times | Acu-Yoga & Social Action

1 Tree Pose by a Palm Tree overlooking Kealakekua Bay

Aloha, Noble Friend! Thank you so much for your interest in ACU-YOGA in Kealakekua next Saturday! There are only six more days to sign up and registrations have started. It’s filling up fast. Why? These extraordinary times call for Extraordinary Flows! Read more below…. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THESE INSPIRING EVENTS! ONGOING: MONDAYS: GENTLE YOGA – EVOLUTIONARY FLOW, 5:00- 6:30 PM Where: New Thought Center – 81-6587 Mamalahoa Hwy, C302, Pualani Terrace Drop-in: $15 more

2/13 Love at the Beginning, Middle, and End

lighted tree

Ultimately, Yoga is a prayer about relationship, about returning to a vivid, nourishing relationship with the cosmos. One way to do that is through daily ritual. For thousands of years, our ancestors have risen with the dawn, to perform the rituals of lighting the lamp and pouring water, practicing the rituals of first breath and last. Imagine what a different world we would be living in if people were waking and rising together in song, more

2/6 Acu-Yoga | Yogassage and You

Acu yoga Photo reverse warrior

Acu-Yoga uses the power of touch, the breath, and your intention to bring joy, resilience, and enthusiasm to your life. Did you know that pressing thumbs to the inner corners of the eyes near the eyebrows can soothe a headache? Back pain disperses when you knead the spot between the second and big toe bones. Fear dissipates while massaging the Bubbling Spring point on the sole of the foot. Acu-Yoga, a hybrid of Yoga therapy more
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