Standing Rock | August 29th Global Drum Circle

Drumming for Standing Rock


Get ready for a powerful event — a global synchronized drum circle with the indigenous wisdom keepers of Standing Rock, broadcast live from Burning Man on August 29 at sunset (6:30 pm PST).

It’s called “Unification of the Nations” and you are invited to join Wisdom Keepers gathering to stand as one for our Earth, our Water, and All People.

From STANDING ROCK to BLACK ROCK to MAUNA KEA, INDIGENOUS WISDOM KEEPERS all around the world are focused on preserving the Earth, Water, and Air for today and future generations. We are a sustainable movement opposed to the desecration of the Earth.



The only people who wanted the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) completed were profiteers. DAPL won’t help us gain energy independence or even jobs. It’ll just make more money for the people invested (including President Trump).

It certainly won’t help the indigenous people whose lives have been distressed by two centuries of displacement and enslavement on reservations. If you want to get America back to what it used to be, you’d have to go back to before Europeans brought their colonial ideas to the New World. You’d have to restore native possession of land and resources. You’d have to unkill the bison and eagle and whale, you’d have to uncut the trees and undam the streams. You’d have to start practicing sustainable living and non-violent agriculture. You’d have to put the grandmothers in charge and teach children that there are values more important than growth of domestic product and shareholder profit.

No, DAPL will not bring the U. S. back to its pristine state, and it probably won’t fuel your car either. The only people who wanted the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) completed were the people who built it and who stand to gross about $1.37 billion per year on it. With low operating costs (there are only about 40 employees needed to run the thing) this should make a tidy profit for Energy Transfer Partner billionaires.

The fact is that pipelines, like transmission lines, don’t have a major economic impact on an area except when they’re built. They otherwise go mostly unnoticed until they spill, burst, or explode and have an enormous environmental impact.

The 1,172-mile-long (1,886 km) underground oil pipeline was completed by April and the first oil was delivered on May 14, 2017. The pipeline became commercially operational on June 1, 2017, and started pouring profits into the bank accounts of ETP billionaire CEO Kelcy Warren and reputed billionaire Donald Trump. Yes, Trump is still invested in the companies behind the pipeline. Meanwhile, Warren donated more than $100,000 to Trump’s campaign, possibly hoping Trump would remove federal obstacles to the pipeline, which he clearly has.

These numbers are worth remembering when you recall how “water protectors” were pummeled with water cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas. They weren’t being attacked in the name of jobs, the economy, or energy independence. They were attacked in the name of excessive profit.

So why is Standing Rock, the place where thousands of Earth- and Water-Protectors gathered last year to resist the completion of the pipeline, still growing stronger and bringing more people than ever to the cause of Earth justice?

“Most of us who support the Standing Rock mission felt our hearts sink as the tribes were ordered off their land this past February,” wrote fellow Yoga Writer Kristen Dobson in June. “The completion of the Dakota Access pipeline was a huge loss, but it is woven into a lei of wins and losses for all indigenous people and their heirs.

“Here’s the thing: we are all indigenous Earthlings. Standing Rock, Mauna Kea, and other areas where the Indigenous Movement has voiced that this is the line in the sand. The corporatization of Earth stops now. The rape of our land, water, and air stops now.”

The gathering at the Sioux Standing Rock reservation in August of 2016, became a rejuvenating web of relationships for all the indigenous nations, for war veterans, for Asians, Black Americans, Latinos, and for socially active women and men of all color and belief, woven together by our devotion to the sacredness of the Earth.

Many were Cherokee descendants like me, who remembered how thousands of people had perished in the forced relocation from North Carolina, our homeland, to Oklahoma and Texas, on the journey known as the Trail of Tears. Just as we have seen throughout the world, the drive of imperialists for power and profit led then, as now, to fractured families and destroyed communities.

On the trail of the Cherokee from 1836 – 38, shaman in the tribes watched their children and mothers die during the four-month march. In desperation, they built large fires and walked into them, self-immolating to distill the sacred teachings of the Wisdom Fire. They would return, they said, in seven generations, when the white and the red and the black people had intermarried, and the spiritual soil of the people would be ready for replanting the sacred seeds of the Cherokee Peacemaker teachings.

The fact that the human rights of indigenous people are once again at stake, and there are so many ministers, teachers, healers, shaman, and medicine makers who are forging through the darkness to create a better world, still standing strong for Standing Rock, makes me think the shaman who distilled the teachings are arising again. You and I may be among them!

The power of Standing Rock is that it’s a worldwide Indigenous Movement, and it is perhaps the only movement that can stop the historical tyranny of those who pursue corporate gain. Aboriginal people have suffered through enough, time and time again. The planet has suffered enough. Enough is enough!

Standing Rock is a place and a notion of protecting the water, but it is also the stand that is being heard in hearts around the world. We are standing on the edge of a choice, at a decisive standoff between living with Nature or death by abusing Nature, between peace and war, extinction and creativity.

We are at the fork in the road. We know we know better. We know we can do better. Everything seems upside down right now and there is a great struggle to find our way. When we stand for what we stand on, as Wendell Berry says, we can find the right way, and stand strong with the Standing Rock movement.


Unite with us as One Global Family for what may become the world’s largest synchronized drum circle. More than 250 locations will Unify and tune into a live prayer amplified from the heart of Burning Man.

Indigenous Wisdom Keepers will be at the center of this prayer leading the drum circle and uniting the world into one heartbeat.

This prayer is for purification of every heart, mind, and spirit on this planet. It is for the evolution of peace, harmony, and compassion for future generations.
For more information and to register for the live stream, please go to —

“If a thing loves, it is infinite.” – William Blake ——————————————————————————

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