Yoga Benefits Proven in 3150 Research Studies

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In my conversations with friends, I am often asked if, as a Yoga teacher, I think Yoga will help with migraine headaches, bone healing, menstrual difficulties, PTSD, weight control, breast cancer, allergies, anxiety, diabetes, prostate problems, mental health, phobias, and much, much more. I am happy to say yes, and it’s more than hearsay. There are 3120 research articles to back it up.

It’s almost incredible, I say, but I have never found a condition that Yoga does not help! Yoga actually developed in ancient temples to treat the condition of life itself, in all its material and subtle facets. Yoga is the art and science of life leading to spiritual awakening. When taught correctly, when the practitioner has spent quality time moving, meditating, and living for the greater good, then a transformation happens. Healing the body is a side-benefit, but the real gift of yoga is that it dissolves the false and shines up what’s true. It’s this revelation over time that empowers us to keep coming back to work it out on the cushion or mat. Yoga has survived for thousands of years because it restores our essence, our wholeness, which is what real wellness is.

The amount and quality of research looking at the impact of yoga on improving health and treating medical conditions have increased dramatically in the past decade. Most reviews of yoga research focus on only a single disease or population, and this new review on the state of Yoga research shows examples of and references for notable research across many different modalities, diseases, and populations.

People who practice Yoga have found the therapeutic effects that are life-changing. The benefits include reduction of inflammation and a calm state of mind and extend to school-age children, adolescents, expectant mothers, and the elderly. Yoga has been found to be transformative in the workplace, among athletes, and for active duty military and veterans with pain conditions, combat stress, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A search on the US National Library of Medicine’s biomedical database now yields approximately 3,150 scientific publications on Yoga’s benefits! Find out if Yoga can help you!



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