Who is Merry Mana?

In my travels, I’ve come across everything from Gods to Goddesses, from Mana to Prana, from Chi to Ki to Qi, and then from Quan Yin to Quantum Yang. Now I am facing the real One, the sweet, kind, sassy Merry Mana who wants you to know your life inside this crazy wild wonderful cycle of days is already perfect.

Who is Merry Mana? She’s the creative life essence, the natural vitality who knows humans are creative and learning systems placed on this planet to awaken our creative souls and know our true selves. She reminds us of our sanity, serenity, and “Don’t forget the hilarity!” She’s solid gold but doesn’t cost a fortune. With her, you’ll find the richest of life’s good fortunes. Without her, life is… well, lifeless.

We all need Merry Mana. She’s the poetry of life — your life, my life, our connected life. She’s that soft, soulful and quantumagical space where revelations happen, peace gives rest, and miracles occur.

Instead of using our imagination in ever-expanding scenarios of fear, suspicion, jealousy, and paranoia —unless you like it that way – we can use our divine creative gifts to improve health, enjoy more emotional and spiritual balance, and steady our relationships. As the comforting, creative soul source gives rise to euphoria, you access radiant new worlds of creativity, wisdom, and love. You naturally move along the path of right action. You know the true path, “Pono Ke Ala,” in Hawaiian.

Let me be clear: If you want to hold on to fear, isolation, shame, and self-destruction, stop reading now. But if you want to throw off the old clothes of yesterday and walk into the brave new world with fresh perspective, new energy, skill, and ageless prosperity, you can do it. Knowing you have the gift of perception, which changes biology, you can alter the course of your destiny in every moment in time.

This is the gift of life, of vision, the real art of life. This is the serenity and visionary wisdom I see inside you, inside me, inside the awakening new humanity, the messengers, teachers, entrepreneurs, yogis, artists, and meditators who are calming the world by transforming themselves, helping others by being true to themselves.

Now if you threw off your old clothes of yesterday and are standing there naked – Merry Mana is jumping around in circles laughing and saying Alohaha ha ha! As you can see, she’s a little unconventional in her advanced years. But she knows that laughter is the best medicine. And that is not a laughing matter!

Merry Mana is something that’s always inside you. She’s a way of viewing yourself and tuning in to what you know, knowing you are supported by the life force of Mana, that you are loved, that you no longer need to punish yourself, and most especially, that everyone in the world wants you to be happy. Imagine that. Everyone wants YOU to be happy. EVERY single fiber of the universe wants YOU to be happy.

Granted, when you realize you no longer need to punish, deceive, or compromise yourself, you may need to quit school or your job! Just kidding. There are ways to balance yourself and find harmony in every situation. In the midst of 12-hour workdays or regenerating in contemplative retreat, we’re here to enjoy the dance of life. If you’re not, I’ll show you or your group how.




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