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The Quantum Healing Journey takes you through the 8 domains of your quantum creative life. What you’ll learn about yourself and your life purpose will nourish your body, heart, brain and soul, align you with larger cycles of creation and bring more joy to your daily life. Healing Light Meditations, Yoga, Shamanic Journeys, Infinity Dance, Loving Communication, PSYCH-K, Writing Practice, Song, Earth Art and Quantum Leap Creativity workouts and work-ins make Quantum Healing in Hawaii an experience of a lifetime, one that serves you forever.

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QUANTUM HEALING offers a compassionate, direct approach to your Higher Self and the establishment of equilibrium and total health. Using muscle testing to identify root obstructions, we find key energy points that modulate your highest wisdom, and use quick, easy brain-balancing methods that instantly transform the way you see, hear, and process experiences in both inner and outer worlds.

Rooted in Meditation, Yoga, and the ancient practice of Shamanism, drawing from Energy Medicine, NLP, T’ai Chi, EFT, PSYCH-K and Brain-Gym techniques, Quantum Healing moves people spiritually, beyond mere insight and into superconscious evolutionary growth. Quantum Healing engages the Higher Self and that releases resistance to making your outer life a perfect match for your highest inner wisdom.

Dr. Marya offers a variety of options to help you create your ideal health, relationships, and fully creative life. Whether you simply need a jump start with a current issue or prefer a complete energy clearing, grounding, and refocusing of your life energy for optimal success, you’ll find this work life-changing.

Other healing techniques offered: PSYCH-K, Quantum Leap Creativity, Art of Quantum Relationship Sessions and Creativity Consulting

Benefits of PSYCH-K
PSYCH-K vs. Traditional Therapy
Dare to Be Happy

The 8 Domains of Quantum Healing

The 8 domains in the Quantum Journey descend from body wisdom traditions, mythic story structure and common sense living in quantum times.

1. Hear the Call
2. Go with the Flow
3. Heal the Triangle
4. Manage the Four Foundations
5. Find Your Five Secrets
6. Flourish Mindfully
7. Give your Original Gifts
8. Live a Balanced Life

Want to get in touch with your true, inherent calling and connect to an inner, authentic place of health, creative self-expression and brilliance?

Quantum Healing supports people ready to lighten up and blaze a trail to express and manifest their deepest wisdom. It’s easy and natural to share the true inner “you” in the world when you’ve learned the languages of the subconscious body and the superconscious Higher Self.

Are you ready for Quantum Healing? Check out the Level I & Level II Trainings on the Big Island of Hawaii this summer and autumn by calling 808-345-0050.

Why not take the quantum leap now to claim your perfect health, true career path, creative treasures and “real” self, and learn tools to connect with and honor your inner calling. When you gaze within for clarity, body and heart in tow, you jump into the field of pure energy, the Akashic Field where inner knowing arises. We anchor this inner wisdom as the path of your creative truth, and then working, sharing, generating and success unfold from your honoring “original blessings” and authentic gifts.

“Have fun, go with the flow and let yourself glow as you sow the highest quality seeds for your life’s fertile garden.”

Please call Kona Coast Wellness at 808-328-0171 to learn more or schedule now! Or send an e-mail with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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